Chapter 3. dreams.

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When Clint woke up he had a massive headache.

He sat up and looked around, blinking as his eyes adjusted.

He was sitting under a tree, in comfortable jeans and purple t-shirt that read SPQR in gold letters.

He jumped when he noticed a little kid standing over him.

"Hey. Mister? You okay?"

"Uh. Yeah. Hey where am I?"

"If you want to find out you have to play the game." The seven year old said, laughing.

"What game?"

"Bullseye! You can use that right?"
Clint suddenly noticed that his bow was in his hands, the little boy had one strapped to his back.
Did he always have those? He must have.

"Come on, mister! Let's play." The child ran off towards an archery range.

How had Clint missed that? He's usually better than this.
But his worries were washed away as he stood and followed the child.

"Okay kid so how do we play?"

"Every time one of us hits a bullseye the other has to answer a question. You miss and the other asks a question. Kay?" He smiled hugely, a gap in his teeth.

"Alright, kid your on."

Chiron grinned, sitting in his wheelchair in the Hypnos cabin  at Camp Half Blood. "Well done Clovis."

"You'll leave me alone for this right?"
"For a time."

The son of Hypnos sighed, and closed his eyes, his fingers on the unconscious legacy's temple, who was stretched out on a bunk. "Kid got a point. Ask."

"What is your name?"

"Hawkeye." The mortal said, lost in the magic induced dream.

Chiron's eye twitched.

"Where are we, kid?"

"At camp, silly! My turn!" Chiron said, playing his role of small, carefree child well. "Whats your real name?"

"Clint. Clint Barton."
Clint seemed to tense up but Clovis smoothed out his emotions.

They went back and forth until Chiron had enough info for now.
"Put him under." He said. "I need to speak with Perseus."

He left to find a rainbow.

Meanwhile in Hades Palace, deep in the heart of the Underworld.

"This is a strange one." Hades said, examining the chained monster.

Skeletons had carried him in, lead by Nico, his lieutenant for 40 years now. Nico had told him of the two souls residing within Bruce Banner's body.

"Ive never seen anything like this before." Hades admitted. "Its obviously the soul of a mortal and the soul of a monster but how did they merge?"

Nico cleared his throat. "Perhaps asking what the mortal thinks happened may clear some things up for us."

"Sounds good." Hades sat on his throne. "You do the talking. Your the lietenant." He snapped his fingers and Bruce woke with a start.

"Where am I?"


Meanwhile. On the Highway. Middle of nowhere USA.

Sally was singing, her voice still beautiful dispite her nearing her nineties.

Unfortunately the song was in Greek, something she had become fluent in thanks to her first love, son and husband, so the agents driving her away had nothing.

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