Chapter WTH who needs sleep anyways.

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Natasha sighed, sipping at her coffee with her eyes watching Ventral park across the way. From where she sat she could see the tip of the empire state building, and, thanks to her new non-Mist impaired vision, she could see a large mass of marble buildings hovering 6000 feet in the air above the antenna.
Jazz, the rather infamous at this point child of Hecate, was sitting across from her, looking like she was drawing in a notebook but was in fact in constant awareness of numerous wards planted around their team's City section.
Clarrise had divided the guardian and hunters up into groups of two and six, sending pairs into the city and surrounding area while teams og six were on pegasi, patroling the skies. Over 15 teams of two and ten teams of six were present in Manhattan alone, where all the attacks had taken place.
Jazz looked up to see a large dog glowering at them, eyes glowing red.
"Hellhound." Jazz said. "I've seen bigger. Hold on a sec. She texted something on her HPhone, which was something Leo and his father Hepeastus had created, acting exactly like an IPhone only with Mist free camera lenses and anti monster signal. Basically a demigod freindly version of a cell phone.
Jazz snapped a photo of the hound and hit send.
Thirty seconds later a brown blur decended from the sky, Chris Rodreigez slicing it in half, turning it to golden dust, which then blew away in the winds.
" I love you, HPhone." Jazz said. "I'm gonna text my dad and not get eaten. What a time to be alive."
Coming from a nine year old girl made it more disturbing them Nat thought it would have."
"How old are you, if I can ask." Nat said.
"I'll turn 37 this summer." Jazz said. "I joined the Guard when I was 13. Decided to age down a bit when Percy asked if I would be willing to infiltrate schools so I could be closer to the keepers."
Natasha nodded. "Makes sense. You must be very loyal to him."
Jazz nodded. "The Guard found me in an abandoned house surrounded by dracenea. I was expecting to see an angel, but I got a pissed off Clarrisse covered in blood and sweat while screaming profanities and swinging an electric spear instead."
Both laughed.
"I was taken to Camp Half Blood and a few years later I completed a quest, during which I nearly died protecting a son of Hermes. When I got back Percy offered for me to join up and here I am." She grinned wickedly, purple eyes flashing. "Bit different then your origin story, isn't it?"
Nat glared, enjoying her ability to be less formal now that she resembled a twenty year old.
Jazz's eyes snapped to the east, looking for all intents and purposes like a pointer dog who caught the scent. "We have incoming."
Nat didn't react, finishing off her coffee. "Your friends or mine?"
Code for Asgardians.
"Literal friends of yours." Jazz amended, glancing up at the skye where a red and gold suit flew.
Nat sighed and pulled out her new HPhone. We've possibly been compromised. Changing locations to Sector six.
Clarrise answered less than a minute later. Rodger. Team three will be switching with you.
Travis and Conner were jogging around the Park, when they stopped, shoved each other playfully, and crossed the street to the cafe. They looked like they had been out for a carefree jog and Nat shot them a look like she was annoyed her peaceful morning had been interrupted before exvhanging a look with her 'daughter.'
The mist was very handy, giving Jazz and Nat similar enough feature to pass off as family. Just a mother and daughter enjoying time together.
Jazz asked for the check and both left the Cafe for the Park, acting like they were heading home.
Travis texted her. Nice exit. Sure you aren't a child of Hermes?
Superspy. Was Nat's only reply.
Jazz and Nat walked around the park, spotting several other familiar faces in various cafes across the street and on the paths.
It was unnerving to see the dryads now, to hear the whispers in the wind and Nymphs in the ponds and lakes, where she had walked many times before but had never even seen a hint of the supernatural.
A dryad laughed in her ear as she passed and she shuddered.
"It takes some time to get used to." Jazz assured, seeing her distress. "I've lived like this for over 20 years and I still get caught by surprise. Percy has done more than any living demigod to date and he still gets hit by airplanes every so often."
"You know that saying? It's like looking both ways before crossing the street and getting hit by an airplane. No? Just me? Okay then."
That got a smile. "Yeah. I heard about the cockroach hybrids."
Jazz somehow managed to simultaneously shudder in disgust and smile in amusement at the same time. "That was a weird one alright. A lot of the myths adapted to the modern world. That's why Hermes shows up every so often in a FedEx uniform, which now that I think about it, he probably owns. Apollo prefers to drive the sun in the form of a Mastrati. And I know the Amazons are doing well for themselves since the Guard stops to buy supplies from them every month or so. They have a huge company now."
"Actual amazons run Amazon?"
"Duh.They are the best at conquoring things. Be it countries or stock markets."
They walked in silence for a few minutes before Nat pulled them to a stop.
"I know your there so you can come out now." She called out, drawing her knives.
Slowly her former allies emerged from the trees.
"We just want to talk." Tony said. "Come with us, Natasha. It obvious they did something to you."
"Your right." Nat said. "They did do something."
Jazz and Nat ran at Guardian speed, leaving the Avengers, Earth's mightest Heros, who were feeling a little outmatched and inadequate right now, in the dust.

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