Chapter 300.

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Natasha looked up to see Percy reflected in a rainbow. "Sir?"

"No need to say sir. But I do have a mission for you, Leo and the twins."

"What do you need a spy, two children of Hermes and a tech genius to do?" She asked, already suspecting.

"Lady Athena has requested that we gather the information the mortals have on the Asgardians. Since we are bound by ancient laws we must leave it to you."

"Yes sir."

His eyes softened. "I'm sending you for two reasons, Natasha." He had switched languages, speaking in Russian. "It is a good chance to both explain yourself and say goodbye. I'm never going to hold you captive but where we fear the battle may take place, well, I would say goodbye. Just in case."

"I will. Thank you. We will set off as soon as we armor up." She bowed and Percy sighed.

"I will see you tomorrow, Guardian. Can you ask Jackie to prepare a godly strength hangover cure. I have to treat Apollo and Hermes to drinks. May your wolves stay in your hills and your friends stay close." He said the final lines in Greek, which Natasha had been picking up on quickly.

The Iris message vanished and Natasha set off to find Leo and the Hermes kids.

They armored up, hiding it beneath street clothes and went to the Guardian stables where Natasha gasped. "Are those Pegasi?"

Leo grinned. "Yup. Each Guardian has one. Side effect of working for their patron. When Percy was made a god his sacred animal became the Pegasus."

"We're not sure if its because his dad is the father of horses or that Pegasi are the animal most used by heros. Honestly it's probably both." Travis said.

"Yours is down here, Natasha." Conner added, pointing at the stall farthest down.

Natasha stroked the animals nose. It was a beautiful white with angelic wings and black hooves.  "Does he have a name?"

"Not yet." Connor said, as he and the others saddled their rides.  The twins had a brown and white paint while leo had a red roan like with flecks of white.

"Luka." She decided. "It means Light."

Luka whinnied and rubbed Natasha's side, like he was begging for a treat.

Travis handed her an Apple which she then fed to Luka, bonding them together forever.

She saddled him up, knowing most of it from her training for third world countries but needing help when she was putting on the wing harness.

"Its less for him and more for you." Travis said as his Pegasus watched on. "It keeps you from kicking where his wings attach. Its painful. If you do they complain to Percy and he complains to you. As for the riding, just listen to Luka for now. He knows what he's doing. He'll try to keep the fancy maneuvers to a minimum since your new. Once you've been riding a while you can even take him into battle."


"Yeah. There is a pegasus for each guardian. But they are free spirited do they usually wander around. But when their guardian enters the stables they get teleported here."

"That's efficient." Natasha said, mounting up. Luka's wings folded over her legs and they were almost unbearably warm but once they were outside he raised his wings, all 50 feet of them and started to run after the others.

They rose into the air, guardians watching them take off as they prepared for capture the flag that would commence at sunset. More of a challenge with so many players.

Natasha reveled at the feeling of wind in her hair. She had always liked going fast and flying. Now she had both.

They raced over the strawberry fields and forest until they hit the city, traveling over almost fully repaired streets an buildings that had been damaged in the chitauri invasion.

Soon, their target came into view, rising up over the city, the single A that denoted its purpose shining like a beacon over New York.

"Lets land on quinjet platform." Travis yelled. "The mist will hide the Pegasi and we're small enough that radar wont pick us up."

"Alright. Stark's Avenger profiles are kept in his office and in Pepper Potts phone." Natasha said.

"Id rather stay with the fire users while breaking into a place that uses flamethrowers." Connor said.

"We have our shields just in case." Travis said, tapping his wrist watch.

A Metal plate expanded and spiraled open, revealing a spartan shield with a Caduceus on it.

Natasha had one too, delivered fresh from the Cyclops Forges in Atlantis where ever the Hades that was.

They dismounted, Leo sliding his finger over the access pad and breaking in. "Son of Hepheastus powers! None may stand against me!"

Natasha smacked him with the flat of her blade. "Focus, Valdez."

He pouted but disabled the security systems.

"Ms. Romanov. May I inquire to your acti-"

"What was that?" Travis asked.


"An AI! Awesome!"

Natasha narrowed her eyes and Leo paled. "Shes scarier than Thalia. How is that possible?" he whimpered, opening the door.

Inside was a bar and meeting room.

"Laptops are kept under the counter." Natasha said in greek as they raided the place.

"Hey look at this!"

"Sweet Hades! That's a lot of ale!"

"String Theory. Yay."

"Hey. Where's-"



"Look at the tiny glass horses!"

"Spacial distortion coupled with a..."

"Oh. Wow. Just. No."

"Why llamas?"

"Is that sentient hotdog dog in the freezer?"

"I found a stetson!"

"That's not a stetson, flame brain!"

"Do not open that door!"

It was at this point that they were interrupted.

The half-bloods froze, Leo covered, head to toe in wires, sparks flaring up here and there.
Travis was hanging from the ceiling examining something he had pulled from an air vent and Connor had a couch cushion spilling stuffing in one hand and a sword in the other.

"Lasers." He said.

Natasha had no idea what was happening.

Luckily Natasha didn't have to explain what was going on to the five Iron Man suits that had been activated to defend Stark tower. Knowing Tony, he would be here soon, messaged by Jarvis as he was shut down.

"Its Mechanics Time!" Leo yelled, shedding his wiry camouflage and  launching himself at the nearest robot, coated head to toe in flames.

"Leo Smash!"

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