Chapter Quit yelling at me. Gods!

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Natasha held her breath, eyes tracking every move of the silver-clad girl below.
It was her first Capture the flag game and by the gods, the newest guardian was determined to make her patron proud that he recruited her.
Slowly and silently she drew her knife, tucking it into her palm so it wouldn't catch on the branches of the tree.
The hunter tensed and Nat dropped, celestial bronze knife at her throat. "The flag is ours. Surrender."
Travis and Conner raced past, coming out of the bushes on the opposite side of the clearing, from the north instead of the east where the Hunters had been expecting.
Lightning flashed and struck Connor, flag flying from his grasp.
Travis kept running, making Thalia smirk. "Males. Can't see a trap where it..." She trailed off, looking at the hastily dyed silver flag that had been green tent material less than two hours ago. In Greek, it read: "Artemis may have the strategy, but Perseus brings on the Tactics."
In other words, no guardian was above a bit of trickery.
Thalia was so angry the trees caught fire from the lightning strikes around her.
As Dryads distracted her, scolding her for damaging their trees, Nat made a break for it, following a different path before crossing the Creek boundary and finding most of the guardians waiting on the other side.
"Nice job," Clarissa said. "You may be cut out for this yet."
"I've been saying that for days now, lieutenant." A new voice said.
Percy was on a black pegasus, while Artemis was riding a silver deer.
Both dismounted and congratulated their respective groups on the victory or narrow defeat, the black Pegasus bushing at Percy's hand until he materialized a blue donut and handed it over.
"We wouldn't have won if Nat hadn't managed to get the drop on the guard," Travis said.
"Yeah. She also had us go in from the cliff side. They never though we were crazy enough to go base jumping to get a sneak attack in."
Percy smiled at her and Nat gave a small bow. "Well done."
"If you are done with your praises, Perseus, perhaps we should have another meeting discussing what happened on Olympus."
"Ah yes. Indeed. That is exactly what we should do. A meeting is a great idea. We should absolutely-"
Clang. Clarisse's shield came down on his head, eliciting laughter from the assembled heroes. "Focus, Prissy."
"Remind me to get you something other than a shield for your birthday."
Artemis smirked ever so slightly. "Come, Guardians. We must discuss the prophecy and Athena's findings."
They dropped out of the woods, dryads and monsters alike peaking out from where they hid to watch the two groups.
The convened in the amphitheater, the only place large enough for them all.
Percy stood on the stage and prepared to speak. "Olympus has decreed official War against these invaders."
Cue cheering from every Ares camper and a few other war oriented guardians.
"We have discovered that the mist does not work to hide them and that mortals not only know but have aligned with them. This is not only unacceptable due to the fact that these Asgardians show no resemblance to actual gods and yet claim the title, but with these 'gods' running amuck, the mist loses its ability to bring us anonymity. Their very presence is both an affront and a threat."
"Thank you, Percy," Artemis said, taking over. "As my cousin said, they are both an affront and threat. But new information has come to light and with it, a course of action has been decided. A small contingent of hunters and Guardians will be dispatched to locate and kill Loki Laufeyson. With his death, the suspected control of the Asgardian King will be broken. The rest of the Hunters and the Guardians will be the main force that will be keeping away all threat. Troops from Camp Jupiter are already on the move and will be here in two days. They will help reinforce Camp Half-Blood and Olympus. But we will be the offensive teams. Thalia, you will be leading the mission to find Loki Laufeyson. Take two hunters and three guardians with you. Hermes will be granting you six travel passes to reach the homeworld where Loki hides. I'm putting my trust in you."
"Yes, Milady," Thalia said, bowing.
"Clarisse," Percy said. "You will be taking the rest of the strike team and coordinating assaults and patrols to defend New York. I want Pegasus in the skies and boots on the ground. Should you need an aide, and I highly doubt you will, you may use your iPhone to contact whichever Olympian you believe to be needed, wheater it is Zeus for an air assault or my father for a sea assault."
"Yes, milord."
"If anyone spots any shield personale or the Avengers knock them out with Spray on mist or lose them. We are going with Mist civilian disguises. Be careful." Artemis warned.
"That's its. This is war. No going back, even if we must destroy a planet to keep us safe. They have dared mess with powers beyond their understanding and they will fall from the sky as their wings melt around them." Percy grinned. "Let the Warhorns sound."

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