Chapter, yes darling sister, I'll write Percy's POV now, whatever you want

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"Feel the opposing forces, push and pull, yin and yang, black and white. Surf and turf. Wait, that's not right."

Andromeda, who was sitting in the lotus position in the middle of the creek, raised an eyebrow without opening her eyes. "How is this going to help me master my powers?"

"It's not. Thalia wanted meditation pose pictures for the new Hunters brochure but your the only demigod daughter of Posideon in existence and no one else was willing to get wet."

Andromeda's eyes opened moments after Percy got the photo and the creek water rumbled. 'Are you telling me Im soaked for no reason?"

"You're not soaked." The water suddenly learned to fly and came in for a crash landing on Andromeda's head. "Now you're soaked."

The water exploded outward with her scream of rage.

Percy held up and hand and parted the wave with ease as Andromeda looked with awe at what she had done.

"Now that you know you can control it, reach for it, feel the tug in your gut that lets you command the greatest force on earth."

Andromeda flung out her hand and a spray of water hit Percy in the face.

He coughed. "Is that how you want to learn?"

Andromeda nodded. "Bring it on, my lord."

Meanwhile, on Asgard.

"That's a lot of food." Miley whispered from her hiding place.

"Agreed." Thalia hissed. "Any sign of the target?"

"I see Odin at the head, " Maria, daughter of Hermes, said over the radio headsets. "Let's grab him at the very least."

"No. Stay on target."

The asgardians stood as one and raised their mugs to the head of the table.

An older man with a golden eye patch sat there, his other eye tinted green.

"To the Allfather!" They cried.

Odin stood and raised his own glass. "As we match on Midgard in the time of war, I am proud to call each and everyone of you my comrades, trusted generals, and dear friends. I wouldnt wish to be by any others in Asgard's time of need. We have been attacked in the heart of our city for the first time in millenium, and we will not stand for it. Tonight, we feast and pray for our fallen comrades, may the rest forever in Valhalla."

"May they rest forever in Valhalla." The guest echoed back.

"Tomorrow, the full might of the Asgardian Army decends on Midgard. Tomorrow, these mortals, are reminded that they cannot hope to stand against the might of our great civilization. For Asgard!"

"For Asgard!" Cheered the guests.

From the shadows, the serpent smiled.

"There." Someone said.

And all hell broke loose.
Percy supposed one of his favorite things about being a god (excluding saving demigods from god induced death by virtue of existing) was how he could be in any number of places at anytime.

So while part of him was teaching his little sister how to use her powers, another part was in India, changing the flow of the currents ever so slightly to prevent the ocean from flooding a small village, yet another part was wandering the streets of New York.

Well, not wandering per say.

He had a destination in mind.

In fact, he was almost there.

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