Chapter 17. Bad references.

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"I heard screaming about ALO but beyond that just war cries."

Percy stared at the young guardian. "What?"

"ALO. Its a VRMMORPG from the anime SAO."

It was silent for a good ten seconds before the lieutenant spoke.

"What the Hades just came out of your mouth, Jackie!?" Clarisse yelled.

Jackie sighed. "Gods! Doesnt anyone watch TV around here? In the anime Sword Art Online there was a game called Alfheim Online. I heard a norseman say that we must be from Alfheim Online."

"I think he just said Alfheim." Natasha said. "Thor once told me that its a world of faeries."

"Sounds stupid. Both of you." Clarisse said.

"And more importantly why was the show called Sword Art Online if they played in Alfheim Online?" Percy asked.

A silver arrow pinned Percy to a tree. "Stay on topic, Kelp head!" Thalia yelled.

"You wanna go, Pinecone face?!"

"Bring it on, Fish for brains!"

Artemis sighed as god and hunter raced into the woods, dodging arrows and throwing knives. "Its been over 50 years and they still act like children." The goddess sighed. "Anyone else have any observations or have chatted with our opponents or any ideas?"

Natasha raised her hand, standing up from where she sat at the large war table Percy had summoned so the Guardians and Hunters could hold counsel. It had been decided that the two groups would be the main force against these threats. "I was tackled by an Asgardian woman. I noticed that her eyes were strange. They were glowing green."

"The intruders were giving off slight magical aura. Not enough to qualify as even a demigod but enough to fool early mortals into mistaking them as such." Jazz said.

"In my time with the Avengers I had only ever met two Asgardians capable of wielding proper magic. The first was a woman by the name Enchantress. She could enchant men with a kiss to do her bidding." Natasha continued.

Artemis nodded. "Typical male. They fall much easier than women when it comes to spells such as those."

A few male guardians opened their mouths to protest but were quickly silenced before someone got a new pet Jackalope, which Natasha heard Artemis was quite fond of creating.

"And the second, young Guardian?" Artemis prompted.

"The second has a complicated past, Lady Artemis. Loki, self proclaimed god of mischief."

"We have time. You have spent the most time with these invaders. Your information will save lives"

Natasha nodded. "He is the adopted son of Odin, Thor's brother. His birth father was an enemy king of Asgard. Upon that discovery, he vowed to destroy Odin for killing his people. But he had to destroy Thor first. Brawn is not his strong suit, thus he vowed to break Thor's spirit. He decided destroying the world Thor had grown fond of was the way to go. That was two years ago, in the Chitauri Invasion of New York."

"That was Loki's doing?" Travis asked.

Natasha nodded. "I alongside the other Avengers fought and routed the attack. A lot of people died."

"The Camper and Guardians rallied to help that day." Clarisse said. "We went in and destroyed a few ships. It was good practice."

"That was you in Queens?"

She nodded. "Your welcome."

"Back on topic." Percy said, emerging from the woods looking half fried, a soaked Thalia following behind. "So do you think this Loki is behind the massive attacks."

Natasha nodded. "I've met Odin. He wants nothing but the best for his people. He is wise and reasonable. If he was in full control of himself I doubt anyone could stop him from confronting or opening negotiations with us himself."

"That is something interesting to think about. We will bring this information to the Olympian Council. Until then, enjoy Capture the flag." Percy grinned evily. "Do not lose my Guardians! I shall disown you!"

Artemis smacked him and both vanished in a blast of light.

Natasha sighed and stood as the table vanished, most of the younger demigods scrambling to grab their snacks amd drinks from spilling. The oldest ones had seals or had kept stuff in their laps.

Natasha looked up to see Nico and Sally talking to some hunter with brown hair and blue eyes.

She realized that the hunter looked like a younger version of Sally.

"Hey Bianca. How are you?" They asked.

"I'm good. I got to lead a squad for the first time a month ago."

"Sweetheart, I'm so proud of you!" Sally said. "Look at my little girl go."


Travis hooked hid arm around Natasha. "That's Bianca Jackson. Formerly known as Estelle Jackson. Bianca di Angelo died when Percy was 14 and reincarnated as his younger sister. Somehow she managed to avoid a dip in the lethe. We think her dad let her. She joined the hunters as she had in her previous life and here we are."

"The Lethe?"

"River of Memory. One drop and you lose a year of memory. Take a dip and your ready for rebirth. If you want to know more go ask Nico or a morpheus kid."

"I will. So what are you after? Besides my wallet."

"How did you-?" Travis began, handing the small black wallet back.

"I was a super spy. I lifted yours any you didn't even notice." she said, giving him back a wallet with a Caduceus on it.

"Bravo, Rookie. Conner, chris and I will have to take you on our next scouting mission. Oh, and Leo wants you in the forge. Something about heat resistance."

He watched her not panic with an expectant look in her eyes for a full minute.

"How did you know I was lying? My dad's the god of trickery!"

"Super spy. Where's Leo?"

"By the canoe lake. Have fun."

Natasha sighed and started marching towards the canoe lake, handing Travis's wallet to a hunter. "Have fun." She called after her as she ran to pin it to a tree.

Far far away from Earth the watcher watched, his golden eyes glinting in amusement before falling back into worry. "Natasha Romanov. You are the key."

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