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Kayla, Jake and Nat were watching the apartment door from around the corner. "So I beat everyone inside up and clear the zone." Kayla asked.

"Sweep the house." Natasha corrected.  "And I can do it. If you want." she added on as an afterthought.

"All three of you are. Ancient Laws and untrained mortal, remember. Now have it."

"Sorry about this." Kayla told Sally before darting forward and kicking down the door.

With her enhanced speed and strength it shattered like glass, startling the five agents within.

Jake fire three arrows at once, coated with the juices of the Lotus Flower.

As soon as they hit the agents were high, sitting and playing on Percy's old Playstation.

The other two were quickly knocked out by Kayla and Nat respectively.

They cleared the house, finding one more agent in the bedroom but soon deemed it safe.

Sally and Percy came in, Percy grabbing a worn orange shirt off the back of the couch.

"What are Ancient Laws?" Nat asked as Sally packed.

"There are certain laws that the gods must follow that dictate their interaction with mortals."

"What are they? If I may ask." Nat quickly backtracked.

"Its fine. There are four big ones.
1.  A god cannot steal another gods symbol of power.
2. A god cannot enter anothers domain without permission.
3. A god cannot attack a mortal unless challenged or attacked first.  That's why Nico, an immortal demigod, dragged you to me that night in the graveyard. If I was to help to had to attack first.
And 4. A hero must be raised by their mortal parent. That's the one that affects heros the most. Any questions?"


"Ah. Well my Sphere of Influence is that of Heros, tides, and blue food. That is what I am the god of. They are in my control. I can influence them as I see fit. So anywhere that heros gather is considered my domain. So the Guardian Camp, The Amazon Base, but Hera, Ares and I count for that one, and both Camps. Make sense?"

"Okay. So Lord Zeus would have to give you permission if you wanted to go in an airplane?"

He nodded, visibly pale. "I hate airplanes. When I was mortal Zeus nearly struck me down whenever I got more than 10 feet in the air. My Uncle and Father are rivals. Its calmed down the last few decades but it's still there."

Nat was processing this information when Sally came back with a duffle bag. "All set."

They left the apartment just as a Shield agent ran past.

Nat grabbed her mortal blades but Jake stopped her

Percy had his eyes closed like his was concentrating, being led by Kayla as the agents ran right by them.

"I love the mist." Jake said. "We probably look like mortal civilians to them."

They kept moving, meeting up with Clarisse and the rest of the guardians who had literal sacks of candy slung over their shoulders.

"Here, Prissy." She said, throwing a bag to Percy who eagerly started tearing into the blue candy.

"Alright. Lets get to Camp. Thalia says that the Hunt will be there so if anyone gets turned into a Jackalope don't come hopping to me. Artemis promised only to change Guardians who deserve it so your on your own." Percy said around a mouthful of blue sugar.

They walked this time, joking around and snacking on their prizes.

Nat had a bag with her. Wanda had given it to her. She had found a shop where they sold international candies and had filled the bag up with a variety of sweets.

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