Chapter eighteen: Fathers

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Maggie went to go study/write. She invited me to go with her but I decided not to. I sigh as I turn the corner. Walking helps me clear my head and often results in me receiving inspiration. Whenever someone mentions or my mom sees her dad, her mind set sort of changes for a little bit like until he leaves, the damage he created is over, or She just moves on. She doesn't notice it, but I do. Jess too. I got the same way but a little different when she mentioned my birth dad. Jess was my dad. He is my dad. He is the person who stayed by my mom. He is the person who chose her. He chose her. He chose us. He raised us. He was the one to teach us to ride a bike without training wheels. He was the one who taught us to speak, to be bold, to stand up for ourselves, he was the one who stayed up with mom helping us study, he was the one who woke up at 5 just to make sure we had coffee and pop tarts before school, he was the one who took care of Maggie getting bullied and me getting in a fight with Maggie's bully. Heck Jess is the reason I won that fight, much to my moms dismay. But still. He was the one, he is the one who loves my mom.  I don't need to know my blood father because Jess is my dad. He has always been my dad. I love him more than you can imagine. He is my hero, like my mom, like my grandma. Grandma. I turn in the other direction on my way to the dragon fly inn.

"Grandma Lorelei?" I call walking into the inn.

"Your grandmother is in the library," Michelle states, typing on the computer.

"Thanks Michelle, rockin tie btw," I smile.

"Oh you like it? It's the one I wore to see Celine," he smiles.

"Neat," I nod and walk towards the library.

"Grandma Lorelei?" I call again.

"In here!" She calls back from the kitchen.

"Hey," I smile walking in.

"Coffee?" She asks.

"Yeah," I nod.

She pours mug. My grandmother is so freaking stunning.

"So what's ya up to?" She asks.

"Oh I just came to talk," I smile.

"About what? Come on I know that look," she grins.

"Well it's just. My mom has been talking to us about our birth father and whether we would like want to meet him and ish," I say sitting down

"Oh um yeah well do you know why?" She asks.

"No and it's been freaking me out. Because I mean she talks about Christopher," I begin.

"Your grandfather," she smiles.

"And how he would flip your lives around and I just I don't want that for Mags and I don't want that for mom and it doesn't sound like fun for me so yeah," I say.

Lorelei tilts her head.

"And I mean I have a dad I have Jess. He was the one who taught us how to ride a bike! He was the one that taught us how to drive! He was the one who held moms hand in the delivery room. He was the one who has always been there for us," I say.

Lorelei smiles slightly.

"Oh Kenz. I know he has. Jess has been so so good to you all. He really has. He has always been there for you, always. But, aren't you even the least bit curious to know who your birth father is?" My grandmother says.

"No..." I say.

"Well, maybe, just maybe your birth father what's to know you," she smiles, squeezing my hand.

I hesitate, what if he does?

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