Chapter one: Morning School Days

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It was a calm morning, Rory walked into her kitchen to see her two beautiful twin girls sipping coffee. Maggie was studying for a final and Kenzie was sketching away.

"Morning babes," Rory smiled.

"Morning mom!" Kenzie hugged her mom and handed her coffee.

"Morning," Maggie smiled as she flipped the page.

"Maggie, have you been studying all morning?" Rory asked smoothing her daughters hair.

"Yeah. Since five," Maggie grinned gulping down her coffee.

"RORY! WHERE ARE MY KEYS!?" Jess's voice sounded.

"ON THE HOOK!" Rory yelled.

Jess walked in the kitchen and kissed my mom on the forehead.

"Thanks. You ready to go girls?" He asked looking over Kenzie's shoulder at her sketch book.

"Yeah," Kenzie smiled and slid her notebook in her bag.

"Me too," Maggie nodded closing her textbook.

"I love you mom," they both smiled and hugged her.

"Can we take your moto-" Kenzie began.

"No!" Rory exclaimed

"No!" Maggie yelled.

"Fiiiiine," Kenzie groaned as Jess laughed.

"That's my girl," he laughed.

They piled into their mom's Jeep and drove off to Stars Hollow High. Not that you needed to drive, Jess just liked to dropped them off on the way to his work, at a printing press.

"Bye Jess!" Kenzie and Maggie chorused hugging him best they could in a car.

"Bye girls! Maggie, don't stress on the test you will do great. Kenzie, try and socialize. And stay away from boys," Jess laughed.

"Shut up," They chorused laughing.

He laughed.

"Love you," he laughed.

"We love you too!" They smiled.

Walking into the school, the twin girls ran up to their best friends. Jane and London, Jane as Lane's daughter. London was Paris's daughter.

"Oh my gosh. My mother is driving me insane! I need a break! Do you think I could stay with you for the weekend!?" London groaned.

"Of course!" Kenzie smiled.

"Why don't you just tell your mom you want to play the cello all of your life?" Jane asked.

"My mom just about had a heart attack when I told her I wanted to go here. My dad just about broke her arm convincing her! She would freak out!" London groaned.

Jane laughed.

"So how did your mom take it?" London asked Jane.

"Well I said mom, I want I want to be an artist. Not musically. Artist like oil pants and water colors," Jane smiled, smoothing her hair out of her face.

"What did she say?" Kenzie asked.

"She said, Jane, I expect your first piece to me dedicated to your family. Do you think you could create an album cover?" Jane laughed.

"I wish my mom could be like that," London laughed.

"Hey! Since London is staying over why don't you stay over too Jane?" Maggie asked.

"Yeah! Sleepover!" Kenzie nodded.

"Okay! I could use a break from the torturous twins," Jane nodded.

Kenzie bumped into someone.

"Oh my gosh I'm so... sorry," she spoke seeing who she was talking too.

A tall guy will blue tips stood there, flashing his blue eyes.

"No, it was my fault.... Kenzie right?" He asked.

"Yeah. Uh nice hair," she smiled.

"Thanks. I died it for a fundraiser, It was supposed to wash out. It's not really my thing," he laughed.

"That sucks," she nodded.

"Yeah... well I should get going to class," he nodded.

"Me too," she nodded and he walked away.

"Ooooooooh!" They all teased.

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