Chapter three: Hey Ace

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"Missed me? It's been 15 years! And your married!" I exclaimed.

"Divorced," he spoke.

"Divorced. That doesn't change the fact that I've moved on Logan. I'm engaged to a great guy that I love," Rory shrugged and brushed past him to open up the door.

"And you have kids. Ace, are they mine? Are... Are they?" He spoke raising his voice slightly.

"How did you find out I have kids?!" I exclaimed.

"Instagram. That doesn't matter. Are they mine Ace?" He asked.

"...No. They aren't yours!" I shook my head.

He looked taken aback.

"Now leave! I'm in a good relationship. I really good relationship. I'm happy," I spoke crossing my arms.

"..... Good for you Ace, I just can't be happy without you. But I'm happy for you. Goodbye," he nodded flashing his crystal blue eyes and left.

I covered my face with my hands. I walked outside and sped over to the printing press. I flew open the doors.

"Jess! Jess!" I yelled.

He walked in from the back.

"Hey baby. I didn't expect you over. What's up- What's wrong?" He asked.

"He is here! In Stars Hollow!" I exclaimed.

"Who?" Jess asked.

"He just showed up at work. Oh by the way I'm divorced and I missed you. Like what the heck!! Oh and I heard you have kids are the mine!? What kind of a lunatic  does that!" I began my rant.

"Who! Who! Who Rory!?" Jess asked.

"Logan!" I exclaimed.

"Huntzburger?" Jess asked.

"Yes! He is here!" I yelled.

"Does he know that the girls are..." Jess began.

"No! I'm assuming he thinks they are yours! I told him no," I exclaimed.

"Okay... but don't you think the girls need a father," Jess asked.

"They have one! Jess. They have one. Kenzie's 3rd word after Mama, Grandma, was Jess," I spoke.

Jess smiled.

"I know. But I mean like their birth father," Jess spoke.

"No. No." I shook my head.

"Why not?" Jess asked.

"Because he is the same person he was when we broke up," I replied.

Jess hesitated.

"I have to go over to my moms. I just wanted to tell you and rant to you. I love you," I kissed him.

I went to pull away and he pulled my hips.

"I love you too," he kissed me.

"Bye!" I smiled and left.

Rory: MOM Oh my world. 911 where r u?
Mom☕️🤱🏻💜: inn. What's wrong?
Rory: On my way.
Mom☕️🤱🏻💜: okay.

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