Chapter Thirty Two: I don't even know them

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I texted Rory relentlessly. she wouldn't respond to my texts. They are my daughters too. I deserve to know what's going on!
Logan: what do u mean she's missing!
Logan: what's going on
Logan: ACE

nothing. nothing. I decided against my better judgment to walk to her house. is she okay? what's going on!

I knock on the door over and over again until finally, someone opened.

"Loreali! thank God! where's rory? where's Maggie!" I spoke, concern filling my voice.

She stares at me, "they found her. she's fine."

"why didn't rory reply."

"they left to go pick her up and she left her phone here. now I really think you should leave." She spoke leaning on the door frame.

"what? if it's okay id like to speak to Rory. Please." I shake my head.

"She isn't here Logan. just go." Loreali replied, glancing behind her.

"no-" I begin.

"NOW." she spoke firmly before closing the door.

i stand there. blankly.

No. I need to find Rory. Dang it! These are my kids! My children. I walk around back and try to find the back door. slipping past the window around the house, I knock on the door.

I hear, "is it the pizza?"

the door clicks open, and standing in front of me is my daughter. i can't tell which one because they are twins, but assuming Maggie is missing it is probably Kenzie.

I'm shocked, standing in front of me is this girl. This grown girl. Bright blue eyes. Rory's eyes. Brown hair. Rory's hair. I stare at her for a moment, taking it all in. this is my daughter, and I don't even know her middle name.

"Uh sorry um hello?" I take a breath, "Um your sister, your mom asked if she was with me. She asked me- did they find her? is she okay?"

Kenzie just stands there. Staring at me. Then I notice the water in her eyes and the quivering of her lip. In a moment it's gone. In a moment her expression changes from afraid to mad.

"Yes. Go. Now. Leave."

I'm shocked by her tone. Anger. How on earth is she mad at me. How on earth does she already seem to hate me? I dont even know her.

...I don't even know her.


"She's fine. Leave. See you friday."

and with that she closes the girl and I hear  Lorelai walk in. That's my sign to leave.

I run back around the house and walk out onto the road.

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