Chapter twenty-five : Don't Even Know Them

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Sitting back in my chair I stare straight ahead. I would meet my children. My girls. My daughters. Should I get them gifts? I should shouldn't I? I sit up and walk around Stars Hallow. People whisper around everywhere I go. Small town drama. I walk into a book store and as I look around I realize I don't even know what these girls would like? I mean I've never met them. My heart plummets for a moment I don't even know my own daughters. I don't even know what they like? What there favorite color is? What anything about them is? Then it hits me. I don't even know their middle names. I don't even know their middle names. I don't even know my own kids middle names. Okay now I should definitely get the gifts but what? Should I just get them money? Is that lame? I shake my head, of course it isn't lame. I'll just get them money. I walk over to the card sections and find two. One has flowers gently colored on it and the other has an acrylic Sunflower painted on. I bought them and walk out of the store. Friday, everything will be so perfect. I cannot wait. I've only been in stars Hallow a few times, I remember Rory mentioning two people though, Luke's and Al's Pancake World. Luke's might have the girls there and I don't want to jeopardize the evening. Of course they could be at Al's too. I decided to call a pizza instead. I also need to figure out more about them. I know that's what Friday is but, I need to know more. I'll call Rory tomorrow.

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