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Gilmore Girls: Twin Edition  by Bailee_JS
Gilmore Girls: Twin Edition by Bailee_JS
This Fan-Fiction takes place after the last year in the life. Some things to know. •Rory and Jess are together. They are engaged and he helped raised her twin girls from...
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Time After Time - A Gilmore Girls Fanfic #1 by AuthorJuneGray
Time After Time - A Gilmore AuthorJuneGray
*For those who need closure after those final four words* Now that the Gilmore Girls' lives have come full circle, it seems predestined that Rory follow in her mother's...
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The One She Loved by ajulian2000
The One She Lovedby AJ
Rory and Jess. post revival
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Gilmore Girls: Wish Upon a Snow by pilarfrancesca
Gilmore Girls: Wish Upon a Snowby P.F. Glenn
The story picks up at the ending of A Year in the Life. Rory has tough choices to make. Will she strike out on her own or lean on Lorelei more than ever? Characters and...
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"Maybe honey you're falling for Jess"-Literati/Jess & Rory  by misxmariano
"Maybe honey you're falling for misxmariano
E se in quella dannata camera le cose fossero andate diversamente, se Dean e Jess non si fossero presi a pugni, se Jess avesse rivelato i suoi sentimenti. Come sarebbe...
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Rory and Jess ~ Together Forever by AnnieMcClory
Rory and Jess ~ Together Foreverby A N N I E
They have been through ups and downs together. What will happen when a prior mistake threatens to break them apart all over again?
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The Thing He Carried by KayZiegler
The Thing He Carriedby Kay Ziegler
Jess Mariano struggles to find purpose. He didn't graduate high school. He has no home. His family is off working through their own stuff. One fateful day things change...
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just like old times by jessandrory
just like old timesby kylexspencer
CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR AYITL Picks up directly after the ending, follows Rory mostly but some Lorelai, and Rory obviously ends up with Jess I mean have you seen my userna...
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 forbidden love  by chickengirl_
forbidden love by chickengirl_
Rory can't help but love Jess, but Lorelei, who disapproves of Jess, doesn't allow Rory to see him unless she is present. Rory, young and in love, can't help herself so...
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Gilmore Girls: A year in the life continued by ezriawbu
Gilmore Girls: A year in the ezria❥
here's what I wish will happen if they make a season 2 of AYITL. if you don't ship literati then I suggest you don't read this! I know it's a bit crazy but I hope liter...
Crazy by gilmoreforever4
Crazyby Samantha
This story will primarily deal with Rory and her love life. This starts the day after Rory's graduation from Yale. She is pretty upset that Logan left her like that...
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Gilmore girls - The complete 4th season  by gilmoregirlsfanfic52
Gilmore girls - The complete 4th gilmoregirlsfanfic52
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It's never enough, A Literati Fanfic by eviedolan4
It's never enough, A Literati eviedolan4
Literati fanfic. This story takes place just after the end of series seven. The story visits Rory as she reports on the Obama Campaign. It's for people like me who want...
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You, Me by KathleenMadelaine88
You, Meby Kat Madelaine
"It is what it is. You, me." Jess's words play over and over in Rory's head after she kisses him at Truncheon. What happens if she didn't let it go? This sto...
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Between The Lines (Gilmore Girls One Shots)  by Pretty_Little_Muke
Between The Lines (Gilmore Girls Nicole ♡ Ayden
Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore are a mother and daughter duo that survive on their own. Lorelai fancies herself wonder women but sometimes wishes she had a forever sid...
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That Lovely Burning Touch by InventedBeliever
That Lovely Burning Touchby InventedBeliever
Lorelai arrived at Stars Hollow pregnant with triplets, but lost one in the birthing process. So now the two twins, Sebastian and Rory, are the towns favorite triplets...
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confused: a rory and jess fanfic by chloewritesthingss
confused: a rory and jess fanficby chloe ♡
Months after a huge fight with her ex-boyfriend Jess Mariano, Rory Gilmore Moves from the comfort of Stars Hollow, to the big city of New York seeking a job. When she ar...
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