Chaoter Twenty Two: Movie Night

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The doorbell rings and Lorelei and Luke walk in.

"Grandma! I mean your highness," Kenzie giggles hugging her.

"Why hello gorgeous little devil," Lorelei smiles hugging Kenzie.

"Hi Grandpa!" She hugs him.

"Hey Kenzie," he smiles.

I rush in.

"Hi everyone," I close my text book and hug them.

"Your just like your mother with that thing!" Luke laughs.

"Ah well I have a test coming up." I laugh, hugging Lorelei.

"We do?" Kenzie asks.

"Yeah in history. Renaissance," I laugh.

"OH yeah! I got it." Kenzie laughs.

My mom walks in with Jess.

"Hi Mom," Rory hugs Lorelei.

"Hi hun, you ready to go?" She asks.

"Yeah just about," she nods and hugs Luke.

Jess hugs Lorelei, then Luke..

"What's showing?" Kenzie asks, biting the tip of a pencil that had been slid behind her ear.

"Um looks like our options are Pippy Longstalking, Cool Hand Luke, or CasaBlanca!" Jess says, checking the paper.

"Casablanca!" Kenzie exclaims.

"Me too!" Lorelei beams.

"Same here!" I chorus with my mom.

"Casablanca it is then," Luke chuckles opening the door.

"you have the candy?" Rory asks Lorelei.

"Hi Im Lorelei have we met?" She laughs.

"Right? Who am I kidding?" She laughs.

"hey why don't you guys run ahead we will catch up," Lorelei asks.

"Sure," Jess nods.

"So what's this I hear about a big test?" Luke asks.

"OH yeah, we have this buy test in history over the entire Renaissance time," I nod, as Luke puts his arm around me the way Grandfather's do.

"is that right?" Luke asks.

"Yeah, it's supposedly really difficult," I reply.

"Wow. Well I'm sure you'll do great." Luke smiles.

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