Chapter Twenty-Six: the dock

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Maggie- - - - - ~~~~~~~
I saw Luke during the movie. Jess definitely noticed. I could tell. Mom seemed to calm him down though. Luke shot me a smile. My cheeks instantly turned pink. Kenzie shoves me playfully. I shove her back.

"He likes you." Kenzie signs.

Kenzie decided to take Sign Language as her language. Im taking French.

I roll my eyes, I've picked up enough sign language to realize what Kenzie was saying. A part of me wants to meet his eyes again. Smoothing my hair behind my ear I glance back at the movie. Lucas.

Maggie saw Lucas and her face instantly lit up with happiness. I smile sweetly, shoving her teasingly. She likes him a lot. I'm so happy for her. Staring straight ahead at the movie I get lost in my own thoughts. About my birth father.
Not curious thoughts. Upset thoughts.
I don't want to meet him! I just want him to run back to whereever he came from so I dont have to deal with it. I just can't. The movie had ended, but I didn't notice. Jess gently nudges me, my eyes flick up to him.

"Come on hun." He smiles.

I nod and stand.

"Come on, talk to me. What's on your mind?" He asks.

"Just thinking about Friday." I sigh.

He nods in thought, "look I know you don't want to go but I honestly think it will be good for you. And you might regret it one day if you don't at least meet him."

"But Jess. He doesn't even know me. What if... He just used mom as a distraction from his engagement. He doesn't even know me, US. What if he just doesn't want us? What if he decides that we are just some big mistake? What if he just runs away? What- I don't need him. I have everyone I need. And I can't. I just." I begin shaking my head.

"Hey kenz-" He begins.

"No, actually I'm okay. I'm fine," I nod,"I'm just going to go for a walk."

I sprit off into a run ignoring Jesse's call. I bolt down to one of my favorite places. I sit on the edge of the dock, over the glistening water. Drawing my knees to my lap, now sitting criss cross applesauce, I pull out my pocket sketch book and begin to draw. My pencil glides swiftly over the paper as eyes begin to appear. The eyes are intense, a boys, I quickly sketch. Sighing, I rest my head on my palm. I hate this. I hate it. I hate everything about this whole stupid situation. I wish Logan never found out.
Pulling my phone out of my pocket, I shuffle my Playlist, Issues by Julia Michael's streams through my earbuds. I lean back, laying on the dock as I stare at the stars.

"Hey." A voice sounds.

I glance up to see Easton.

"Oh, hi." I sit up.

"You alright?" He asks.

"Yeah, I'm just brilliant," I say my voice full of so much sarcasm it takes me aback for a moment.

"What's up?" He asks sitting next to me.

"Just family drama." I say.

He looks at me curiously, signally me to go on.

"I'm sure you don't wanna hear about it." I shake my head.

"I do. If you wanna talk about it."

"... I just. Okay well my dad, Jess, he isn't really my birth dad. And I've never none my biological dad and I don't need to. Jess is my dad. But my bio dad found out about my sister and I and... And he wants to be apart of our lives and I just don't want it." I sigh.

"Wow. That's alot."

"Yeah. Tell me about it." I sigh.

Before he can reply my phone rings,

Mags Mags Mags 💕👯‍♀️ is calling....

"one sec," I smile.

"Hey Mags." I answer.

"Kenz? Where are you?" She exclaims


"What? Why? Kenzie are you okay?" She asks.

"I'm okay." I nod.

"You should come home. Mom is worried about you."

I sigh,"okay. I'm on my way."

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