Chapter five: Moms

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I sat in the one class I didn't have with my sister. Study hall. I didn't mind. I just sat there and read. And studied. Then someone tapped my shoulder. I turned excepting to see London. But no, Lucas stood there. He was tall, had light brown hair and blue eyes.

"Hi," I spoke barely above a whisper.

He held out a rose. I gasped.

"Maggie, will you go to the dance with me?" He asked smiling ear to ear.

"Yeah, Yes," I nodded smiling.

He and I had been flirting and I had the biggest crush on him ever since I was a freshman. He grinned an hugged me. I hugged him.He handed me a rose.

"A beautiful thing for the most beautiful girl," he smiled.

My cheeks burned. I can't believe this is happening. He hugged me again and left. I glanced at London. She gave me a hand sign.

I giggled.

"He asked you!" She whispered.

"I know!" I whispered.

"You are like 50 shades of red right now," she laughed.

I giggled.

"Jane and Kenzie are going to freak!" London laughed.

"My mood going to freak," I laughed.

"Jess is going to freak!" London laughed.

"Yeah he is," I grinned.

She nodded.

"Shouldn't we be studying?" I asked.

"You sound like my mother," London laughed.

I smiled at her.

I huffed as I walked towards my car which I had parked at my moms.

"MOM! MOM!" I heard.

I turned to see my twins.

"What's up?" I asked worried.

"Maggie got asked to the dance by Lucas Harrison!" Kenzie squealed.

"What!?" I grinned.

"Yeah! He asked me and gave me a rose!" Maggie laughed.

"Oh hunny that's great! I can take you shopping for dresses both of you!" I grinned.

They jumped and hugged me.

"Or I can see if grandma Lorelai wants to make them! Like she did for me!" I suggested so happy.

"Yeah! Just like you!" They chorused.

"Okay I'll ask! And let me tell Jess," I laughed.

"Okay!" They laughed.

"Okay. You two better go to lunch," I smiled.

"Okay," Maggie nodded.

Then they hugged me.

"We love you," They chorused.

"I love you too," I hugged them and they ran off.

My precious girls. I think I made the right decision. I hope I made the right decision.

I got in my car. I started it. I sighed. Logan is back. Hopefully not for long.

I pulled into the Dragonfly Inn. I got out of my car and walked in.

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