Chapter Twenty-One: Rain Check

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I don't know Kenzie fears about meeting our Bio dad. I mean I love Jess. He is my dad. But this other person this other guy, he is my blood. And I'm just curious to meet him. I just want to get to know him. If the dinner goes terrible then it goes terrible. We don't have to deal with it ever again. But if it goes good then we will take it from there.

"hey kenz?" I say, unplugging my Mozart.

She doesn't look up from her sketch but, I know she is listening because she takes out one earbud.

"What do you think he is like? Our Bio dad?" I ask, rolling onto my stomach.

"As mom describes Peter in the book I guess." I shrug.

"Yeah but, don't you tho k he might have changed I mean it's been fifteen years." I reply.

"Yeah. I guess we will find out on Friday."

"Yeah. I guess so. Hey... Are you even at least curious or even excited to meet him?" I say, closing my book as I cross my legs in the air, flopping on my bed.

"Not really. Are you?"

"Yeah. I mean just a little," I nod.

Kenzie nods, deep in thought. My phone buzzes.

Lucas H.: Hey
Maggie: Hi
Lucas H.: wyd?
Maggie: studying 🤓
Maggie: wbu?
Lucas H.: same... You wanna meet up somewhere?
Lucas H.: I'm dying to read more of your book. 😂😩
Maggie: I would love to meet up but no more reading for now 😂😉
Lucas H.: great? Luke's (the diner)
Maggie: LUKE! crap. Sorry I completely forgot we have this movie night thing with my grandparents tonite. Rain check?
Lucas H.: yeah no problem 👍
Maggie: sorry
Lucas H: don't sweat it! next time😉😂
Maggie: 👍

I can help but smile at the idea that one he cost to text me tell he wanted to meet up with me. Then I want to small my self he walked me to the dance! Of course he is interested.

"Who was that?" Kenzie smirks.

"Lucas," I blush.

"Ooooooo!" Kenzie giggles.

"shut up." I reply.

"he likes you," she teases.

"I like him." I grin.

Jess opens the door.

"You like who?"

"Jess!" We chorus.

"I wasn't eavsdropping! I came to tell you too get ready for movie night," he laughs.

"Okay." Kenzie smiles.

"So-" he begins.

"Bye." We laugh.

"Okay okay. Love you." He laughs and walks off.

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