Chapter nine: Luke Spotting

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I was pouring coffee at the diner and glanced up. I saw a really fancy car and then I saw someone get in it. Logan Huntzburger!? It couldn't be. It was. I stood there not knowing what to do. I called Lorelei.

"Hey Hun what's up?" She answered.

"Hey Lorelei um I just saw logan," I spoke.

"Huntzburger?" She asked.

"Yeah," I nodded.

"I'll fill you in tonight okay babe. I have to go Sookie chasing Michelle with an Apple!" She yelled and hung up.

Fill me in on what!? Was Logan ..... was logan their father? No. No. But. Could he be?

Rory walked in.

"Two cheese burgers to go please. And two large fries. Ooh and some pie?" She grinned.

I wanted to ask about Logan but if she didn't know then.

"Coming right up. To go?" I asked.

"Yeah," she grinned.

I nodded.
I began to work on the food.

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