Chapter fourteen: Sleepover

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(Time skip)

"Oh my gosh. What a creep!" London says, her mouth full of pop tarts.

"I know! Then my mom started acting all weird like do you want to meet your birthfather? Would you want him in your life!? And all that other weird stuff. It was so weird," Maggie nodded.

"You don't... you don't think hamburger is you dad do you!?" Jane asked.

"No. Well I didn't until you said that!" I shoved her slightly.

"I don't know. I mean mom always says she love her dad but he would flip her world around and mess things up and I don't want that, but, i don't know," Maggie spoke.

"Yeah," i nodded

"Girls, lights out," Jess smiled and popped his head in.

"Why its only...oh," I laugh slightly glancing at the clock.

"Goodnight," he laughed.

"Night," we all chorus.

Jess switches off the light and closes the door.

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