Chapter Twenty-Three: Turned Out Okay

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"What about you Missy? You prepared for this test?" Jess asks.

"I skimmed the chapter," I nod.

"Skimmed?" He asks.

"Yeah, but I know tons about that time. I mean it's basically the time of art and color." I shrug.

"Okay, as long as you keep your GPA up for Art School," Jess nods.

"I know. Hey speaking of Art School, I have this showing in Hartford, well, I submitted a piece in for a showing. I haven't heard back yet, but if I get in will you drive up there with me?"

"Yeah of course Kiddo." He nods.

"Great." I smile.

"So, you wanna talk about Friday?" He asks, giving me that Jess look.

"Not really. I mean it's one dinner then I'll never have to deal with him again."

"Hey," Jess says.

"No I'm serious. I mean I have a dad." I shrug.

"As much as I love the fact that you live me. You aren't even curious? I mean when I was your age, I was a huge trouble maker and all of that. But I had Luke. And yet I still wanted to know my father, at least a piece of me did even if I didn't admit it." He begins.

"Yeah... I just don't I guess. I don't know." I begin.

"Did I hear something about when you were her age? Cause of buddy do I have some stories," Luke laughs.

"Ha ha." Jess laughs, rolling his Eyes.

"Its a miracle I survived. But he ended up pretty good, wouldn't you say so Rory?" Luke asks.

"Yeah, he did," she grins.

Jess smiles at her.

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