Chapter Twenty: Biological, not real

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My mom had called me and now I'm sitting in the kitchen. She said it was urgent and she needed to talk to us. She didn't say what though. My mind swirled with ideas of what could possibly be the subject of this mysterious place. Did this happen have something to do with my father? Did this have something to do with Hamburger dude? What is going on? I open the door and walk in too see Maggie, who is smiling at the ground.

"what's with you?" I smirk, sitting on the couch next to her.

"Nothing. I'll tell you after mom says what ever she is going to say," Maggie smiles.

"Mkay Ms. Blushy Blush," I grin.

She shoves me slightly.

Rory and Jess walk in from their room.

"Hey darlings," Rory sits down, Jess next to her.

"Hey mom," we chorus.

"Well, um, we have something to tell you," she begins, "You both remember Logan Huntzburger? Well, when he was engaged I saw him in London, and we.... it was not one of my finest moments. But I don't regret it for anything in the world. It gave me us. It gave us this. It gave me my family. And I wouldn't regret it for anything. And-" my mom begins.

"Wait Wait Wait Logan is our biological father?" I ask.

"Yes. And he wants to have dinner with you both," Rory Says.

"No," I blurt out.

"It's one dinner. Then we will let you guys decided what the next step is okay. You can never see him again if you want. Just have dinner with him one night. For us." Jess replies.

I hesitate and glance over at Maggie, she is starring at her hands in her lap, biting her lip.

"Just one dinner? That's it. W-I never have to see him again?" I say.

"That's right. But if things go well at dinner then you can see him again if you want," Rory nods.

"Kenzie, it isn't a bad thing to want to know your real father," Jess says

"I know my real father, his name is Jess. He drives a motorcycle, he has raised us, helped provided for us, taken care of us. He is my real father. He is just my biological father," I correct.

"Of course, all I'm saying is if you want to get to know him, you should," he smiles.

"Just, don't close the door? You don't have to walk through it or even look at it, just leave it open?" Mom says.

"Fine," I nod

"Maggie, you've been awful quiet," mom smiles

"I'll do it," Maggie nods

"You will?" Jess asks.

"Yeah, for you guys," Maggie smiles.

"Okay, well the dinner is tomorrow, at 5ish okay?"

"Okay," we chorus.

"Well, Okay," Rory smiles.

"I have to study," Maggie replies.

"I have an art project," Kenzie replies.

"Hey," Jess says.

"It's for school," Kenzie nods.

"Good, remember I didn't graduate high school or get to take your mom to her prom," Jess begins.

"Even though he was one of the smartest kids at that school if not the," Rory grins.

"Thanks," Jess smiles.

"I didn't go to the school," Rory winks.

We all laugh.

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