chapter thirty: Grandma

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I whirl around to see my grandmother, standing there with a bunch of white roses.

"Grandma?" I say, rushing my hand up to my face to wipe my wet cheeks.

"Child, what are you doing here?" she says, her voice firm yet kind.

"I-I," I stutter to find an excuse.

"OH that does matter anymore now does it." she sighs, walks over and sets the flowers down.

she kisses her lips then touches the top of the tombstone.

"Does your mother or Jess know that you are here?" she says, quirking her brow.

I shake my head.

"well, come home with me and we will give them a call on the way yes?" she says, crossing her arms.

I nod.

"Come my angel." she shakes her head and guides me to the car.

I nod and get in the car.

I hold Kenzie against my chest, not caring that my shirt is soaked. My brave confident girl having anxiety? She definitely didn't seem like the type of person to have anxiety. But she does. I rub her back. this is both the most terrifying moment and one of the best. Kenzie called me dad. I know she has always considered me her dad, but to hear it.

"I'm going to call your mom." I say softly, kissing her cheek.


Hey babe," Rory answers the phone.

"Hun, Kenzie isn't okay. she has a panic attack. She needs you to Com-" I begin.

"I'll be right there. printing press right? is she okay?" Rory asks.

"yes. and yes." I nod.

"okay. I'll be right there." she hangs up.

My girls. Maggie.

"do you know where your sister is?" I ask.

she shakes her head, "No." 

"im going to call her." I nod, dialing the number.

no answer.

Jess: Maggie, I need you to come home.
Jess: Your sister and we all need you.
Jess: we all need to talk.
Jess: sweetheart where are you?

I get worried. Maggie never doesn't answer. Never.

"Kenzie are you sure you don't know where she is?" I ask.

Kenzie, fear in her eyes, shakes her head.

Jess: where is our daughter?
Jess: Maggie, do you know?
Jess: she isn't picking up.
Rory: no! I'll ask mom.

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