Chapter sixteen:Where you lead, I will follow

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I walk into my mom house to find her sitting at the table drinking coffee.

"Mom, he talked to the girls," I begin.

"What? Who?" She asked as I sat.

"Logan! He asked them to dinner," I say.

She raises her eyebrows.

"To get to know them," I roll my eyes.

"No!" She exclaims.

"Yes, and then they told Jess and I about it and jess got really protective and I said I'd talk to Logan about it. He wanted to come but I said it would be better if I just went. He said okay but if Logan does it again hill kick his butt and the door rang and I answered it and it's Logan. At my door!" I exclaim.

"No way!" She exclaims.

"Yes!" I nod

"Dang!" She exlaims.

"There is more! And so I talked to him and he said he knew that twins were his! I don't know how but I could tell he really knew so I said and and he said why didn't you tell me and he said he wanted to be in their life!" I exclaim

"What did you say!?" She gasps.

"I said I'd have to talk to the girls and Jess and id have to see if they even want to meet him," I say.

"Wow," She says.

"There's more. I went in and talked to the girls! I asked them would they want to have a relationship with him," I say.

"What did they say!" She asks.

"They said they didn't feel like they were missing anything, that Jess was their father," I say.

"Wow, well good for them and him. I have to admit. I never liked Jess much when you two first got together and was quite relived actually when he left but, I'm so thankful that he changed for the better and you two found eachother," my mom nods, smiling.

"Oh thank you mom. That means a lot," I smile.

"So what happened next?" My mom asks.

"Nothing, London and Jane came over and they slept over and I left before they woke up. I just. I don't know what to do mom. Every time dad came back into our lives it was," I begin.

"Flipped upside down," She nods, thinking of my father.

I nod back, "I don't want that for the girls. I don't want that for them. I just, at the same time even Jess suggested maybe having him in their lives."

She thinks for a minute,
"May I suggest something?" She asks.

I smile, knowing even if I say no she will still tell me, "please."

"Let the girls meet him. Let them just have dinner with him. Alone. And let them just have that one meeting and then let the girls decide. Ask them their opinions. Let them have their say. They aren't little devil twin toddlers anymore. They are grown girls and are mature and smart just like you," she smiles.

"Thanks mom. And I think your right," I nod.

She smiles and hugs me.

"So how do we feel about the whole Logan thing?" She says, giving me that knowing mom look.

"It was... it was weird seeing him and hearing him call me ace I just. It was weird for sure. And brought back so many memories but, I love Jess and he is amazing and just Jess," I nod.

My mom nods.

"I found my Luke," I smile.

My mom grins back.

My phone rings, it's the Kenzie.

"One sec," I smile.

She nods.

"Hey baby, what's up?" I answer the phone.

"Hey mom, um that friend of your hamburger-" she begins.

"Huntzburger," I nod.

"He is going into Jess's is there something you aren't telling me?" Kenzie asks.

"I have to go hun I'll explain it all later, will you stop by the movies though? They have some classics on hold for me," I ask.

"Okay," she smiles.

"Ok love you," I reply.

"Love you Bye," she hangs ups

"I have to go, kenz just said she saw Huntzburger walking into Jess's," I say.

"Go, I'll see you tonight," she smiles.

"Okay, I love you mom," I hug her.

"I love you too," she hugs me.

I walk out, Logan what do you think you are doing?

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