Chapter twenty-four: Who is that?

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Half way through the movie, I notice a kid walk into the theater and sit a few seats across from us. Maggie's blue eyes flick up to him, a smile spreading across her pink lips. I turn back to the boy before looking at her once more. Who was this kid? He is wearing jeans and a tee shirt from a band I've never heard of. She turns to Kenzie who shoves her playfully. Did she like this boy? Turning to Rory I whisper in her ear,

"Who is that kid? The one over there?"

She turns and glances at him.

"Oh that's um Lucas, Luke. He goes to school with the girls." She replies.

"Does he like Maggie or something?" I whisper.

"He uh asked her to the dance that's coming up."

"HE WHAT?" I whisper yell.

"Hey! Keep it down!" Kirk yells.

"Shut it Kirk," I roll my eyes before turning back to Rory.

"I was going to tell you but with the whole Logan thing I just forgot I guess."

"You forgot? Why didn't Maggie say something?" I ask.

"I told her I'd tell you," she smiles.


"because you can be a tad over protective when it comes to the girls." She shrugs.

"I am not!" I protest.

"Oh yeah? What about at their fourth grade recital when you punched the guy who said the back drop Kenzie made was trash?" She asks.

"Thats different that guy was a total blind jerk." I scoff.

"And the time you had a talk with the guy who wouldn't stop hitting on Maggie at the book fair?"

"He was asking for it! Besides it was making Maggie uncomfortable," I reply.

"Or the time you wouldn't let the kid who stood Kenzie up for that boy- girl party anywhere near Luke's or the paper or the printing press?" She laughs quietly.

"Okay okay I get it. I'm a tad over protective- oh my gosh I've become Luke." I say slowly.

Rory chuckles, kissing my cheek.

"He is a good guy Jess."

"Who Luke?"

"No well yeah but I'm talking about the kid." She smiles.

I shrug.
My girls have grown up so fast.

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