Chapter Thirty One: Our

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no one knew where Maggie was. No one. I was freaking out. she wouldn't have tired to meet up with Logan by herself would she? I hesitated. maybe she would.

Rory: Hey, by any chance, is Maggie with you?
Logan: No? why?
Rory: never mind..
Logan: Ace, what's going on?
Rory: she's missing okay! she's missing. it's fine she's probably just at a friends house or something.

London and Jane both hadn't heard from her, she wasn't at Sookies or the Inn or Luke's or anywhere. I can't find her anywhere.

Grandma is calling......

I pick up the phone, "Hey Grandma, sorry. right now isnt the best time. Maggie's-"

"Missing? I know dear. she was at your grandfather's grave when I got there. she is very upset. I've tried to give her some dinner, I'm assuming she hasn't eaten. she refused though. Honestly, What is going on?"

"Wait, she's with you? oh thank God. Is she okay!" I say leaning against the kitchen counter just as my mom and Jess walk in.

"shes fine. Crying a lot. but physically she's fine, except for the fact that she won't eat. whats going on!" My grandma asked again.

My mom squeezes my arm and I hold Jesse's hand, "We are on our way to pick her up right now. I'll talk to you then."

"Will you stay with Kenzie while we go pick up Maggie?" I turn to my mom.

"Of course babe. Text me when you get there." she hugged me close then adds, "De ja vu."

"I know right." I nod.

then Jess and I leave to go pick up our daughter. OUR daughter.

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