Chapter seven: Logan

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She was lying. I just knew she was lying. The girls were born 9 months after we broke up. They must be mine. I groaned and leaned back in my seat. I glanced out of the car. I saw the twins. The girls. I saw them. They were gorgeous. They looked like Rory.. They ran across the road to Ace. I smiled insanely. They had to be mine. Then her words echoed in my mind.
"No." She said they weren't mine. Why would she lie to me? I glanced out. I saw a guy I could have sworn I had met before. Jack. James. Ugh what was his-Jess. Rory's friend. I pulled out of the road and sped off. Were they mine? Then a realization hit me. What if they were mine?
I have had two twin girls this entire time. And I never knew. I wasn't there. I missed everything. I missed every moment. Every first.

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