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at the ceremony (3rd person)

a loud voice rang through the sea, and many people from different kingdoms had came

"Today, we are here to honor our returning princess, Y/n, and her marriage to our future king, Taehyung. The gorgeous couple will come together today, and officially make their bond a forever hold. The official wedding will begin in 35 minutes, so please, use this time and get to know each other"

the people in the crowd nodded, not knowing the true feelings of their future king and queen.

Y/n was scared, her fragile arms were covering her face as she cried in the mirror. "Why did things have to turn out this way...." She had wished that her life hadn't had end up this way. Marriage at 18, and not even with the same person she used to be in love with. "If only there was a way...." She shot her head up and swam out her room, into the library that her mother had kept in the palace. She searched and searched "Atlantis? no" She said, placing the book back on the shelf "zardon? who names a kingdom zardon" she looked around, searching, seeking for something that would help her. "Tresatus! Yes!" She hurriedly went through the book, searching the pages....but for what?

Meanwhile, the soon-to-be king was sitting in his room, looking into his mirror. His gaze could burn a hole through it if he tried, yet, he was more focused on his appearance. "Y/n and the kingdom are finally mine. Next up, with the trident, i will take over the seas! Maybe even the land" He smirked as he fixed his tie and straightened out his vest, making sure no crumbs were on it. He went to his collection of cologne, and sprayed some on the top layer of his clothing. "this kingdom will know who their rightful owner is" He smirked before walking out of the room.

"So we know all 3 plans?" Chan Exclaimed. The  22 people had created a plan, sure to work. Each person in the room nodded, and headed out of the door, towards the sea. Once they got there, they immediately dove in, swimming to tresatus as fast as they could.

"Queen Y/n! Your husban- OH!" a maid had seen Y/n in the library. "taking onto your mothers traits i see. she loved reading" Y/n uneasily nodded and smiled. "Yep, books are amazing after all" The woman chuckled "Anyways, the ceremony is beginning, it is time for you go to the doors ma'am" Y/n nodded and swam alongside the maid. She put on a fake smile, all while collecting her thoughts. she had a plan.

"Settle down, settle down. Today is a beautiful day, and we are gathered here to celebrate the marriage of our king and queen. Please stand for the bride"

Hyunjin and the others heard those words, echoing from a distance. All of their speed's increased.

Y/n had walked in, a beautiful gown, flowing down her back and onto her tail. She had made it to the end of the aisle, and there stood taehyung, a smirk plastered on his face. In this ceremony, there wasnt rings. There was crowns, and the trident.

Both of them had to place their hands on the trident, and say "i do". afterward, a crown to show their authority would be placed onto their heads.

First, Taehyung had placed his hand loosely onto the trident, and stared into the "fearful" eyes of Y/n. At that point, she was acting though. She wasnt scared, she was determined. She just had to put on a show.

"Do you, Taehyung, take Y/n to be your queen, and promise to look over all of the citizens of tresatus. Do you also promise to take care of not only you kingdom, but your queen. In sickness, and in health?"

His words came out steadily "I do"

They had made it there "Lets go! hurry!" Hyunjin rushed the others as he swam to the seating of the ceremony.

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