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We swim and swim until we reach a castle. This castle looks SO gorgeous.

Y/n & Tae- WOAAAAH!!!

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Y/n & Tae- WOAAAAH!!!

Hunny- *whispers* I ship it

Jiminie- *still whispering* I think we all ship it.

Y/n- Hmmmm? Are y'all talking about us?

Hunny- Nope just planning another date *winks*

Y/n- Ewwwww y'all are cheesey. It's probably something like going to a fancy restaurant -_- that's no fun.

Chim- Y/n, your physical age may be 19 but you will always be a 5 year old at heart.

Y/n- Shhh 🤫

*Everyone laughs and you make it to the castle door*

Jimin- Open it y/n

Y/n- O- o- Okay

*You open the door to see a man and a woman sitting down on the thrown. You swim up to them and they look at you with shock*

Man- Jimin... i-i- is that ....

Woman- Y/n?

Jiminie- Why yes it is. Y/n, I would like you to meet Kendall and James, your parents.

Y/n- M-m-m-m-my p-p-p-p-parents?

*Kendall and James come up to you and hug you. All of a sudden you get your memories back and you remember everything that happened before... and when I say everything... I mean EVERYTHING*

A/n- in the next chapter I will tell you what happened and basically your whole back story. Thx for reading 💖@ 100 reads I might do a face reveal and add a few facts about myself. Fighting!✊🏻💖

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