New neighbor

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I heard taehyung say

"Jimin, can you grab her bags? I'll carry her to her room"

"Yeah, here's the key since you'll get to the door first"

I hear the noise of keys, before i felt my body get lifted.

(and then he yeeted you across the street. the end ;))

"Aish.... i totally forgot, her house has 5 floors. Her room is on the second, so i guess i can take her up there"

I almost smiled.

Am i that good at acting???

I felt my body getting placed on my bed, and i also felt myself getting covered in my blanket.

I immediately huddled myself together in it.

It was one of the most softest and comfortable blankets ever, so of course i would.

I heard the noise of taehyung chuckling, before footsteps walked over to the other side of the room.

"Hmm.... seems like there's new neighbors next door. I would go say hi, but they're still moving, and I don't know if they are safe to tell that Y/n is here alone."





"Yah, taehyung, can you put these suitcases on that side of her bed? I have to charge her phone so i can make sure that she's ok after we leave"

"Ok Jiminie"

shuffling noises were made around the room, before Jimins voice filled the silence

"Ok tae, let's go. She needs her rest and i don't want to wake her"


Footsteps led out of my room before i heard my door close.





hmmm.... i'll get it later

i thought, before going back into a deep sleep

—5 hours later—

I opened my eyes to expect light, but darkness overcrowded my room.

how long did i sleep for?

I look at the clock on my phone before opening my eyes in shock

9:08 pm????

We got home like 5 hours ago!

I must have been really tired.

I sit up and start to fix my hair to where it doesn't look as bad as it did before.

i didn't go all out for it, I just brushed it out and put it in a messy bun.

Then, i walked downstairs and checked my phone's notifications

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