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"But the queen doesn't look like that." Seungmin questioned "Her hair isnt black."

I sniffled and stood in Hyunjins embrace longer, hoping that someone else would explain for me.

"Thats not Y/n's biological number, but it is the lady who took care of Y/n and acted as a mother for her" Jimin looked at the screen again, his fingers moving swiftly from letter to letter

Y/n- Let her go. Y/n's mom didnt do anything to you. You put this on yourself when you left y/n!

Tae- let me guess....Jimin? Well, how would you feel if you left Ji-Hun, and saw that she moved on super quickly??

Y/n- ....hurt.

Tae- so you understand how i feel

Y/n- But Y/n isnt like that! She takes things as they come, if you say "dont bother me" she wont until you allow her to! You left her, and she did her best coping with it. Now, youre doing this shit and its not making anything better!

Tae- I dont even know why i left her in the first place! And i want her back. I get what i want

Y/n- Tae, theres always other girls. Let Y/n go. stop this madness

Tae- Madness????? You call my love madness???????

Y/n- what youre doing isnt out of LOVE!

Tae- love is different to different people. I love y/n. You love Ji-hun. Simple. But Y/n just has to like that Hyunshit guy. So, i took another thing she loves. Lets hope you find her in time though.

Y/n- what??? what do you mean 'find her in time'????

Tae- in 45 minutes, this little piggy wont have a heartbeat.

y/n- NO. STOP!!! What do you want???

Tae- Meet me at the abandoned theater.

Y/n- Tae...

Tae- Do it. Unless you want me to just slit her throat open?

Y/n- No, we are on our way. dont touch her.

Tae- thats what i thought.

Jimin looked up from my phone, and into my eyes.

His lips curved into a sympathetic frown, before he spoke.

"We....we have to meet him"

"hes dangerous! we cant!" Protested Woojin.

"If we dont then Y/n's mom dies, and so do we."

The sadness left my body.

Determination, pain, and fury sparked up at once, shading my eyes with a thick layer of pitch black.

"Lets go" I say, ready to swim and beat the shit out of him.

"Y/n, calm down." Jimin looked worried "I know its a lot to take in, but dont end up doing something you will regret"

"I wont. lets go"

Everyone turned to eachother and nodded, and we set off to meet taehyung.

♡ ♡ ♡

"We're here" I head jimin say as we walk into the rusty building.

The walls were covered in a layer of dirt, the ceiling hanging from the sky.

Distant squeaks were heard as rats raced along the untiled floor.

"Its so rusty in here" Seungmin stated "And it smells like someone took a shit and died"

"lANGUAGE!!!" Chan immediately spoke, his hands over the youngest's ears.

"Whoops" seungmin rolled his eyes.

Chan was about to protest, but Hun quickly covered his mouth

"Dont" She spoke softly, and slowly lowered her hand away from his mouth.

We continued to walk until we reached the center.


I gasped at the figure sitting in a chair at the middle of the theater.

Blood was rushing down her knees, her head drooped low along with her eyes. Her skin was pale, and her arms were bruised.


I never knew That deep voice that i loved so much, could be hated. that was... until now.

"Let her go"

"Not until i get what i want"

(A/n- First off, Im sorry for not posting in like two weeks. School has been kicking my ass, and this weekend i am busy and my family is having struggles and its putting a lot of pressure on me. Im tired, i have insomnia, but its all good i guess. Im used to it lmao. Second, im sorry for this crappy chapter. I have writers block again, so when i get new ideas, i will be sure to write another chapter. Three, I know ive said this before a lot, but this book is actually coming to an end once i figure out what more to add haha. There will probably be about 2 more chapters!! Lastly, Happy birthday to winner's seungyoon!!! If you didnt know, i am an innercircle, and so im really happy to celebrate yoon's birthday today!!! I hope you all enjoyed, and that your day/night goes well!!! Love you! Fighting!✊💚)

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