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Jimin immediately responded


'I get to be in the music video!'



'Yay!!! my little sister is growing up!!'


'when do you start shooting the mv?'

'tomorrow! i also made a new friend and she's gonna be in it too!'

'That's so great!!!! i'm proud of you!!!'

'Awh thanks mochi~❤️'

'Hehe. wanna come over? Hun and the boys are here.'

'Sure! oh and thanks for the new bracelet. i almost forgot.'

'ok! and you're welcome. i have to go now, hobi is chasing kookie around. byeeee!'

'xD haha. ok see you soon'

i put my phone in my pocket and walked to my car.

i'm to tired to walk all the way there.

i pull up at hunnys house to see a Limousine parked in front of the side walk.

i'll just park in the driveway then.

I parked my car and got out, then i used my keys and unlocked huns door, and walk in.

'I'm hooooome'

hunny runs up to me and hug me


'Woah. someone is excited'

'of course i'm excited! you get to be in a music video!'

i chuckle and she smiles.

'the others are in the living room so let's go'

i follow her into the living room and sit by jimin

'Hey gu-'

coco jumps in my lap

'Ahwhwh coco baby. Hi guys'

i say playing  with coco.

Jimin speaks


I hear heels clicking and someone scoff

'What is she doing here?'

i look up and see Lisa pointing at me.

Jin rolls his eyes and responds

'Cause shes our friend'

'Ew. i'm gonna take my limo and go home.'

Everyone says bye and she leaves.

'Hey chim imma go get something from my room ok?'


i go upstairs and go into my closet and press a secret button and enter a password. One of my cabinets in my closed turns around, revealing my secret candy stash.

i grab some M&M's and make sure the cabinet turns around. Then i lock it and head back downstairs

'I'm back!'

i saw all of the boys talking to their phone

'Oh hey!'

Namjoon says to me.

Hunny whispers to me

'Theyre on a v-live with their fans'


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