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"Let's talk!"

Says hyunjin, responding to my question.

"hmm ok."

"So.... can i ask you something?"


"When you went home last night, why did you leave in a rush? Do you not like hanging out with us?"

"Yahhh hyunjin! i love hanging out with you guys!"

"Really? Then why did you leave so quickly"

He tilted his head and i smiled

"My friend got drunk and no one knew how to calm him down. I had to hurry home to help him"



"So what else happened that night?"

He asked curiously

"Well....my boyfriend and i broke up"

"whAt??? Really??? whY???"

"He likes someone else, but it's ok cause we're still friends"

"He doesn't deserve you at all! you'll  find someone better, and someone wAy more handsome than him, and when you do, i'll be here supporting you, and he'll be jealous of our- of your relationship!"

did he say our relationship????

I felt my cheeks heat up just thinking about it

"T-thank you"

I say smiling and looking down

I felt his hand raise my head up and a soft peck was given to me on my forehead.

"That's what best friends are for!"

I chuckle

"Yahhh, since when are you such a flirt?"

"i've always been like this, you just never noticed it"


He smiled

"Sooo, hows my bby doing? I mean you just moved in, how do you feel?"

"Hmm. I've been doing great actually, and since we moved, i feel even better"

"Hmm... why is that?"

"Cause i have an amazing neighbor"

I slightly punched his arm



we both chuckled

"oooou! i got an idea"

I said smiling

"What is it?"

"Best friends do things together, so let's go shopping!"

"Ok...but we have a small problem"

"What is it?"

"I'm an idol. if people see me out with you, they'll start rumors and you'll get hated on and there will be a lot of drama. I don't wanna do that"

He frowned


I stood up and went to grab my make up

"Then i guess you have to be in disguise."

I smirked and told Hyunjin to sit still.

i made him have fake freckles, and i also put some cute glasses on him. I parted his hair and put some silver wash out hair dye on his tips. When o was finished, i told him to look in the mirror  

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