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A/n- Okay so I have some news. I'm not just an army, I am a why don't we Limelight. I'm not going to start adding wdw members into the story, just letting y'all know because I know some people are shitty and say "you can't be in two fandoms at once!" So yeah just letting you know! Now let's begin this chapter!

Jimins POV

Me- Taehyung-ah!

Taehyung- Hmm?

Me- Will you go wake up y/n?

Taehyung- Why? Won't she kill me? And she hates me!

Me- She doesn't hate you! Why would you say that?

Tae- You don't know that! And why wouldn't she hate me?! I insulted her cooking! My girlfriend made her mad!

Me- She doesn't hate you !

Tae- How do you know?!?!

Me- I know her! If you don't believe me than go ask! And while you're at it, wake her up!

Tae- Fine

I know y/n. She doesn't hate people who defends the one they 'love', even if it's fake love. She will forgive Tae.

Taehyung's POV

I go up to the room that belongs to Y/n, and see her hugging coco. Awh she looks so cute and peaceful and.....what? Why am I saying these things?! I love Lisa! ........but y/n looks so peaceful and cute and awhwbejdmkdkxs she's in a tiny ball! That's so cute! TAEHYUNG STOP YOURSELF!!!! you should be saying things like this about Lisa! Not about y/n!

I walk over to y/n and coco puts her head up. She rests it back down when she sees that it was me.

Me- Coco, I gotta wake y/n up. Can you please go wake up Hobi ? He's sleeping in the living room!

Coco surprisingly understands and she gets up and starts limping downstairs. Poor baby. Luckily, hunny has this dog thing that all coco has to do is sit down in it, and it will take her downstairs. Hunny is such a good owner.


Something grabbed onto my arm. I looked and saw that y/n was hugging my arm. Awwhwhwhwhh. I don't know why, but I'm blushing. Hard. Aish Taehyung get it together.

I start to shake y/n lightly, and she doesn't budge.

Luckily I thought of something.

Me- Awh look at those puppies!!!

Y/n slowly rose up, still hugging my arm.

Y/n- Where are the puppies?

She says in her morning voice.
She looks so cute . Her hair is in a messy bun, and her pajamas is basically a loose shirt with some shorts.

Me- Sorry y/n, I only said that to wake you up.

Y/n- Awh man Tae Oppa. This sucks, I've always had high hopes for a living

(A/n- Anyone get my reference? Oh, no , okey bye ;-;)

Oh no. Lisa told me to tell y/n to stop calling me Tae and oppa. But I like it when y/n calls me Tae And oppa. I'm not going to tell her to stop.

Me- uhh y/n

I say, looking at my arm.

She looks down and let's go.

Y/n- Sorry. When I sleep, hugging a pillow helps me sleep better. I was hugging coco, but since she left, I guess I started to hug your arm. I'm sorry

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