Auditions Pt 1

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We were all staring at another kingdom.

Y/n- What's that?

Jin- That's Crystal Kingdom. It and Tresatus are the two most powerful kingdoms in the world.

y/n- woaaah..... wait... is that Winner?? the boy group???

Everyone looked to where i was pointing.

Namjoon- yeah... but only one of them isn't wearing a bracelet....

Tae- Yeah...i noticed that too. Jinu doesn't have bracelets on, while Hoony, Mino, and Yoon do.

Jin- That means that Jinu is a true merman, but the others aren't.

y/n- aish Jino is perfect

i didn't notice it. but taehyung seemed to get mad.

Tae- oh yeah? how?

everyone went silent.

y/n- Well i mean his hair seems so soft and fluffy, he's so nice, and his eyes are super cute, his voice is like a god.

Tae- well i mean any one of us look better than him. you don't have to just shade us like that

jimin- yah taehyung calm down. she's just fangirling. no need to be jealous!

tae- jealous ???? me??? no!

he says. obviously jealous.

i didn't care though, i was too busy staring at Jinu.

then it happened

we made eye contact.

His eyes and mine stared at eachother for what seemed like forever

He smiled at me then turned to the others and told them something, then swam in our direction.

'Oh fuck he's coming. i'm not here guys ok? ok'

i said trying to find somewhere to hide

i hid behind a rock and turned invisible, and watched as Jinu approached the others.

Jino- Hello there.

Hun- Hi

she smiles

and so do the others

except for taehyung

he looks


My thoughts were interrupted as i heard the others introducing themselves and now it was Jinu's turn

'Nice to meet you guys! i'm Jinu. Didn't you guys have another friend here?'

Jimin smiles and respond

'No. it has just been us'


Jinu looks a bit sad

'I must be seeing things. i'm sorry'

taehyung scoffs at Jinu's apology

'is there something wrong taehyung?'

jin buds in before taehyung can answer

'Don't mind him. hes just a little tired that's all'

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