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i was awoken by yelling, but i kept my eyes shut, wanting to hear what's happening.

"How do we know you're not dangerous!?"

"how could a person as cute as me be dangerous"

i chuckle and sit up.

"Chim, You're so stuck up sometimes i swear."

I open my eyes to see Yoon, Mino, Jinu, and Hoony surrounding jimin.

They all look shocked, and hoony speaks

"Y-you know him?"

"Of course. i know that mochi voice anywhere"

"I told you!!!!  why would i break into here anyways???"

"cause you- i don't know!"

i chuckle at the argument that's going on.

"let chim breathe. if he was gonna steal something, he'd text me in advance, saying that he was gonna take it"

they slowly back away, and awkwardly laugh


"it's fine"

they introduce themselves, and soon jooe wakes up.


she says, yawning.

we all chuckle and tell her what happened, and soon i started to make breakfast.

we all ate that up pretty quickly, so we basically just sat down and chilled. 

Jimin gets a phone call in the middle of our conversation

"hello mi amor"

he answers

"hI JI-HUN!"

i yell into the phone.

he giggles and talks to her for a bit, while the others and i talked

"you hang up first"

"no you hang up first"

"ok on the count of 3. 1.......2.......3....."

he stayed silent, but soon, his laughter started to fill the room

"you didn't hang up either"

i roll my eyes and snatch jimins phone.

"Heeeey hunny. it's y/n. just come over cause jimin looks like he's talking to a ghost. byeee"

and with that, i hang up.

*40 minutes later*

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