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Jin- If you have dreams about something happening and it seems super realistic. It will most likely chance. There is only a .1 % chance that it won't. What did you dream about

Y/n- W-Well we were all relaxing then we decided to go to the beach, and we swam by tresatus but guards caught us. J-James told me to give up my p-powers or he'll hurt one of y'all and then he cut hunny. But when I was going to you guys told me not to....s-so I didn't.... b-but then j-James killed Jimin.......

I could feel a few tears falling down. If this was true, then I could lose the person I'm closest to.....my best friend.... my brother....

Jimin hugs me

Jimin- Hey it's okay I'm alive and I'm here....*whispers* and wow you showing your emotions? That's a first

I slightly punched him and smiles....

Y/n- Pabo

Jimin- Heeeeey this pabo made you smile!!!

Everyone laughs and Jin speaks again.

Jin- We just need  to stay away from the beach for a while. When you stop getting those dreams this will all be over.

Y/n- Okay. Thank you Jin.

We all finished our food and out the door we went. We were walking along the road, it was right near the beach. It wasn't too far from it. But I guess far enough.

Suddenly I see people grabbing in to the others, and I feel another person pull me away with them following.

I don't know what's going on.

Soon enough I black out....

(A/n- I finally got time to write!!! I'm sorry I know this is short but school is starting up again so it may be hard for me to update or even think of ideas because of the stress! Hope you enjoyed this chapter, and while you're at it, I would really love it if you go check out my other book, 'broken souls' ;))) Oh and Happy 2 year anniversary to all of my fellow blink out there!!!! Fighting✊💟)

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