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We arrived at the restaurant that was right next to the beach.

We went in and ordered food.

I don't know why , but looking at the ocean made me feel weak. It made me feel like something bad was kind to happen

Jimin- y/n? Are you ok? You keep looking outside.

Y/n- What? Yeah! Sorry I'm just spacing out.

Kook- Thanks for taking us here!

Y/n- No problem!

Something is wrong....

Y/n- Hey Jin, if I start getting dreams about bad things happening that seem realistic. Like, it's going to happen in the future, should I be scared...?

Jin chokes and looks at me with wide eyes

Jin- .....we need to all talk

(A/n- This is so stressful having writers block. I'm sorry. I love you guys. Fighting!😞✊❤️)

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