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I woke up and checked the time

hmmm 7:00Am?

i got up and got ready. soon i went back in the room to find the others , half awake.

They all yawn and i smile and speak

"Hey Jooe you gotta get ready so we can get your stuff then go to the auditions"

"Ok....but i don't have any clothes"

"it's fine you can wear mine, now lets go ok"


she gets up and i let her choose and outfit. once she finishes getting ready we head out the door.

"What's your address?"

i ask jooe.

she responds and i drive to her house, outside are two older people.

i think they're her parents

I stop the car and she gets out.

i slowly follow her, not wanting to make a scene

her mom walks over to her and slaps her.


"no mother"

next up her dad was about to smack her, but before he can, i grab his hand and shove it away.

"Who the hell do you think you are to interfere!!"

"i'm someone who actually cares for her!"

"Wait... You two are lesbian???"

"No! I'm her best friend!"

"Well get the fuck out of my way!"

he shoved me and grabs jooe and starts to pull her into the house.

i try to go after her, but her mother stopped me

"leave. now."

"no! i'm not leaving knowing that you two are going to do something horrible to her!"

i shove her mom to the ground and push her dad to the ground. they both go inside, which leaves us time to grab her things.

we hurriedly put all of her stuff in my car and got in.

then her dad comes out with a bat.

a metal one.

jooe and i run to the car and lock the doors.

her dad goes to my side of the window, and puts the bat on the glass.

he raised his arms and swung down.

before the impact could be made, i sped off, leaving her dad to fall on the floor.

i chuckle seeing his figure fall, and so does JooE

surprisingly, the car ride was silent.

i let Jooe gather her thoughts, and i drove.

we made it to my house and she was in shock

"b-blossom e-estates?"


"you live here?"


"why didn't you tell me?"

"eh. i don't really like to bring it up cause it's not really important"

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