Christmas Special

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I stood up along with Hyunjin to go to the door.

Halfway there, i speak

"Why'd you follow me?"

"I gotta make sure my best friend stays safe"

I chuckled

"It's probably no one dangerous."

"Still, i'm making sure you're safe"


I open the door to see all 7 members of bts

Hyunjin's eyes widen, and he bows

"Hello! I am Hyunjin!"

I chuckle

"There is no need to bow, but thank you. As i'm guessing you may know, we are bts"

Says namjoon

"Ew, you sound so formal, stop it"
I say making a disgusted face

"Ok fine"

"Good. why are y'all over?" I open the door to let them walk in, they move towards the living room area.

I hear each member of stray kids introduce themselves, probably bowing also.

I chuckle

"There's no need to bow guys."
i say

"Shut up~ Let us feel powerful you dweeb" Jimin pouts

I roll my eyes

"So is no one gonna answer my question? Why are y'all over?" I tilt my head

"Christmas is tomorrow you dumbass, were helping you set up!"

Jimin smiles as taehyung brought in the tree

"UGhhh. Ok. and that's a big ass tree"

I'm not a huge fan of christmas


I get more attention than i want.

Don't get me wrong, knowing people love me is one thing i love, but people constantly making the topic about me is something i hate.

I don't like to be the center of attention

Also, On christmas eve, mark tried to commit suicide.

It was painful finding out someone that i love and care for so much, was hurting and going through everything alone.

It's been 2 years since then, but i can't help but think of what might happen.

I shook everything off, focusing on the 16 boys standing in my living room.

I saw i.n glare at taehyung, and Hyunjin whisper to I.n.

I.n whispers back, and hyunjins smile turns into a kind of angry face.

I'm guessing Jeongin told him that tae is my ex.

Aish, now i gotta deal with this.

"Okay, since everyone knows eachother, wanna help decorate for christmas??? We have a lot of lights, and we can even decorate you guys's house!" I turn my head to stray kids.

"Sure" Says Woojin smiling.

I did my best smiling most of the time, but sometimes the thoughts of mark would just pop up.

I guess while putting the star on the tree was one of those times.

I had almost reached the top, about to set the star on the tree, but i got flashbacks.

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