The Break Up

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Taes POV

I called the others members into the room, i wanted them there when i told her

"What are we here for?"

Jungkook asks

"i'm breaking up with lisa, and i want y'all to be here"

everyone smiles, but tries to hide it.

"ok....ready guys?"


i called lisa


since i'm in love with someone else, i can finally hear the coldness in her voice.

she didn't care. at all

"can we talk?"

"yes. what. hurry. i'm busy"


i bit my lip, trying to make sure this was the right decision.

i looked at the others, they nodded, telling me i needed to continue

"I'm breaking up with you"

i say, then the room falls silent.


"I don't like you. you're just using me. i thought i fell in love, but i realized that love isn't just buying eachother things and then talking 5 minutes every 2 weeks."

she scoffs

"you love me. you can't leave me"

"i don't love you. i thought i did."

"whAt the HELL! are you leaving me because you like someone else???"

"i do like someone else, but that's not your concern"

"i bet i know who it is, and when i see her, i'm going to beat her up"

"you don't know who the girl is. so leave it. honestly, just leave me alone. and don't come near my friends"

"but tae-"

"no buts. i'm done. you don't even love me, so why should i love you back?"

"i do love you back!"

"then tell me something. where did we first meet ?"

"uhm... w-we met at..."

"exactly "

"wait! no! we met at.... at the beach!"

"no. not even close. we met each other at the movies. you don't even remeber anything"

"but babe"

"don't babe me. i'm done. i've made my decision. i love someone else"

i hung up before she could respond, and i sighed

everyone smiles at me, and i smile back.

i feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder......

but then

when i think of her

the weight comes back on my shoulder

it's not bad. at all

i think it's more like




(I KNOWWWW IM SORRYYYY THIS CHAPTER IS SHORT bUt i promise the next chapter will be better. i'm being pressured again soooo yeah. lol. anyways how are you? are you liking the story? Haha. hope you have a great day! Fighting✊💜)

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