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{Y/n's POV}

Taehyung and i were at the back of the house, away from everyone.

He looked at me and bit his lip, showing nervousness.

"S-so when you kinda broke L-lisa's hand...."

"....go on...."

"You looked really badass"

We both chuckled

"is that what you took me back here for?"

i smiled


"then what is it?"

"Lisa came and found me because i broke up with her...."


"I broke up with her because i realized all the bad things she's done. from using me, being rude to my friends, scaring away literally every girl, except you of course, you were the only one that fought, and didn't care. so i took you back here to apologize and also thank you"

"what for?"

"I treated you like shit when lisa was around, and i sided with her, even though it was obvious i was against her. i'm sorry."

i chuckled.

"it's ok. you were doing what you thought was best"

he smiled

"And i'm sayin thank you for understanding me. no matter what, you comforted me, even if i made you mad"

i smiled back

"No problem."



"I have another thing to tell you..."

"what is it?"

"....promise not to be mad?"


"ok....From the time we were making silly faces in the cafe, i thought you were super funny and amazing to hang around, and when i met you, i felt the same... but...."

"but what?"

"As we hung out more.... my feelings for you grew bigger. i started falling for you. and no matter how hard i tried, i couldn't stop.... so.... i guess what i'm saying is.... will you go out with me?"

I could see his blush

but he was also worried

to be honest.... i fell for someone too

but it wasn't him.....

it was


Nahh i'm just playin, i like him back. haha.

I looked at him and smiled


"what??? Really!!"

His face lit up

"Yeah. why not"

I smiled

He jumped and hugged me.

i smiled and hugged back

i smirked and started to speak too

"Let's not tell the others though"

"what? why?"

"because, i want them to figure it out on their own. plus it would be really funny"

he smiled and nodded

"ok. let's go back now babe"

i blushed at his words, and walked out

luckily, before we got there, my blush disappeared.

We both sat down on the couch, separate from eachother so that no one expected anything.

"soooo....what happened?"

Asked mark.

"He told me that when i broke lisa's hand that i looked like a badass"

everyone chuckled

"you could have said that in here though"

says Jimin

"I could have, but y'all would have made fun of me"

yoongi chuckles

"he's got a good point"

We all laughed and talked a bit.

i was talking with taehyung, but Jungkook hugged me randomly, and i hugged back, but i looked at taehyung and he was


(A/n - Heyo! this idea came sooooo randomly but i liked it, and i started going along with it haha. Sorry for any of the mistakes! How'd you enjoy this chapter? Thank you for reading!Fighting!💕✊)

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