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I walked in to see Ji-hun (nickname for Ji-hun is hunny/hun) ordering for the both of us. The waiter leaves and I walk up to her.
Me- you didn't have to order for me
Hun- I wanted to
Me- I'm paying you back
Hun- Nope I'm not letting you.
Me- Please!
I roll my eyes and I look behind Ji-hun. I see a guy that looks 1 year older than me. He's making funny faces. Im honestly trying not to fall out of my seat. He realizes that I'm looking at him and he starts blushing. I laugh and make a funny face back at him. Ji-Hun was on the phone with her boyfriend so she wasn't paying attention to anything. The guy and I kept on making funny faces at each other, until finally Hun got off the phone. We talked some more, and I even exchanged glances with the guy.
*thinking* I want to know his name but it would just be weird to go up to him and say "hi what's your name" like that isn't a good approach. I got deep into conversation and then a waiter came by.
Waiter- I was told to give this to you *winks*
She gave me a folded piece of paper and then left
I opened the piece of paper she gave me and written on the paper was "My name is Taehyung I know we haven't even talked but I want you to text me **********" I smiled and looked up at him. He started smiling and then he left.
Hun- Ooooo someone has a cruuuush!!!
Y/N- Noo!! We haven't even talked!
Hun- Yea sure whatever
Hun and I walk out and we decide to go to my house.

(warning: this is about to get rlly weird. Honestly this character is based off of the personality I have so yea)

Hun and I were bored so we decided to play truth or dare. This is going to be fun

(A/N~ I knowwww I'm sorry the chapters aren't that long but I promise that the next chapter will be longer! With school and tests, it's kind of hard to keep everything balanced!💖)

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