Chapter 26

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                         Nash's Pov

       "Ever since me and Raevyn broke up a couple months ago I have had the time of my life. Yeah of course i still want to be with her, but I like feeling this free without being committed to one person. I have went to parties every weekend and gotten wasted. I have gotten with so many other girls since Raevyn but i haven't felt a connection like I did with her and..............I miss it i miss being able to hold her and to kiss her when ever i wanted" i talk into the phone. "Why don't you just tell her how you feel? Surely she still feels the same way" Taylor says. "Because I really screwed up and besides I'm to late" "How?". A tear falls down my cheek as i speak my next few words. "She's already with someone"Who?". "Carter".

                     Raevyn's Pov

            "Thank you Carter" I say and take to coffee he was handing me. I sat it down in front of me sliding my finger against it's cold side. I let out a deep breathe and took a drink. "You need to forget about him Rae" Carter says taking a hold of my free hand. "It's not that easy McCoy I loved him I still do and i don't think I'll ever stop loving him" I say looking up. "I know what it's like to lose someone you love trust me I never thought I could get over her until I found Jordyn" He says smiling. I'm glad that at least Carter got his happy ending. "I'll think about it" I say. "We better get going before we are late for school" he says looking at his phone. We get up throw our trash away and then walk the wet pavement to Hell also known as school. I walk into school and as usual get shoved into a locker. I look up to see Alyssa and her pack of Biotches. "Oh look at the poor little slut" She says while everybody around me laughs. "It's not nice to talk about yourself that way" I say back with a smirk on my face. She punches me in the stomach before walking away with her pack following close behind. The next thing i see breaks whatever is left of my heart. Alyssa walks right up to Nash and sticks her tongue down his throat. I get up and run to 1st period. The rest of the day passes pretty fast as it is already the last period of the day Advisory.  I walk in and take my assigned seat next to you guessed it Nash. I put my stuff down and sit without making eye contact with him. This period was the one you could do A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G in. When i turned i see Nash making out with a different girl. I shake my head and grab my stuff walking over to Carter and Jordyn. "Hey guys" i say before sitting down next to Jordyn. I see Jordyn smile and hand me her phone with a note on the screen. "Raevyn meet me at the girls restroom I have a surprise" i scrunch my face and grab my stuff once again and walking out of the room. I see Zoe standing by the restrooms. I walk up to her and give her a hug. "So what's the surprise?" I ask as her smile widens. "Turn around". I did as she said and my hands come up to cover my mouth tears falling down my face. "Brent!" I whisper yell attacking him in a hug. He hugs me back burrying his head in the crooke of my neck. After our 10 minute hug  we pull away. "So what brings you here?" i ask. "I was in North Carolina for a tour and decided to stop by for a few days" he replies. We stand there and talk just Zoe, Brent and I until the bell rings. "I'm riding home with Will and Hayes so I'll see you later" Zoe says giving me and Brent a hug before walking over to Hayes. "Can you take me home?" I ask as he nods his head yes. He puts his arm around my shoulder as we walk out of the building to his truck. "Where's Lexi? My favorite cousin" I ask. He puts his hand over his heart acting offended. "She's at the hotel" he finally says. "Hotel why don't yall just stay with us instead of a hotel?" I ask. "We have to well I have to the tour management says I do". I nod my head turning up the radio. My favorite song "love story" by Taylor Swift came on. Me and Brent sing the lyrics at the top of our lungs until we arrived at my house. "Bye I'll be here at 7:00 to pick you up to take you to school" I nod my head and walk inside seeing Hayes and Zoe. "Keep it PG" I say shutting the door behind me. Hayes cheeks turn bright pink as Will laughs wait Will's here. "Will" i yell giving him a hug. "Hey Rae its been a while" he says returning the hug. "What are yall doing here so late?" i ask in the nicest way. "I was actually just came to pick Hayes up" He says looking over at the love birds. I nod my head and hug him and Hayes goodbye before heading up to my room and crawling in my bed and falling asleep almost instantly.



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