The party ;)

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                    Raevyns Pov

        We were currently sitting by the fire pit just talking. By we i mean Elizabeth, Sky,Will,Hayes,Nash,Raevyn, and Cam. "So what do yall have planned tonight?" Elizabeth says looking over at us. "I was just thinking about staying at home and watching movies" Zoe says looking over at Hayes. "Aww thats sweet ill be right back" Elizabeth says getting up and walking away. "Theres going to be a party at Carters tonight wanna go?" Cam asks leaning in so Sky doesnt hear. "Idk guys i mean last time didnt turn out great" Will says giving me a look of concern. "So Nash are you in?" Cam asks. "Only if Raevyns okay with it" Nash says sternling grabbing ahold of my hands. "Yea its ok but im not gonna tag along parties arent really my thing" i say looking over at Will.  "Okay well lets go and start getting ready the party starts in an hour" Cam says. Will and Nash walk inside and into their rooms. I look over and see Zoe and Hayes making out and Skylynn covering her eyes. I laugh and call Sky over to me. i hand her my phone and she opens Let it Goat jack and jacks new game. I carry her inside and set her on the couch before walking into Nash's room. I grab one of his hoodies and throw it on. I walk and lay on his bed grabbing his phone of the bedside table. I open instagram and scroll through his notifications following a few people before Nash comes out of the bathroom with only shorts on and a confused face. "How did you get in my phone?" He asks. "Nash you told me your password a long time ago" i say laughing. He shakes his head and pins me to the bed with his shirtless body. "I would rather stay with you than go to some party" he says planting a kiss on my lips. "To late you said you would go besides ill be fine" he sighs and climbs off me walking over to his dresser. After hes done getting dressed we walk to the living room seeing Cam and Will sitting on the couch already dressed. Before he walks out the door i pull Will aside and act like im hugging him. Wait i am? thats not the point anyways. "Keep him out of trouble and you two stay safe" i whisper in his ear before pulling away. "Goodbye guys be safe" Elizabeth says from the kitchen. And with that they walked out locking the door behind him.

                     *Zoes Pov*

        "Hayes stop i wanna watch this" i yell turning the volume up. "Come on Elena" Damon says slamming the door. "Its just a show come on" he says. "Theres 5 more minutes left just wait" i say not taking my eyes off of Damons abs. When my show ended i deleted the recording finally looked over at Hayes who was asleep i laugh and turn the lights off before grabbing a blanket and laying next to Hayes. Just as i was about to fall asleep i feel a pair of arms around

me. "Goodnight i love you" he whispers before falling back asleep. I smile and snuggle closer to him before falling asleep myself.

      Sorry it's short but the next chapter is gonna be good so just hold on there ~Raevyn

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