Chapter 25

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                     Raevyn's Pov

         "IM FINE QUIT FUCKING ASKING!" Nash yells looking over at me. A tear falls down my face. "IM JUST MAKING SURE YOUR OKAY!" I yell back earning a surprised look from Nash. "You don't know what it feels like". I chuckle and fold my lips together. "Oh i dont know what it feels like? my dad sat in a coma FOR A FUCKING YEAR BEFORE HE PASSED" "Im sorry i for" "No Nash I think we should just take a break from each other we can be friends but nothing more". His mouth drops and tears fall from his eyes. "But i just got you back" he says covering his face with his hands. "I know but this is obviously not working" i reply. "We can work this out we can make this work" he says trying to grab my hand. "Friends or nothing" i say removing my hand from his. He lets out a sigh and nods his head. I walk back into Wills room to see his eyes open. "Will your awake!" I yell attacking him in a hug. He chuckled and hugged me back. Nash walks in a few minutes later and almost broke down. After Nash and Will had their bro hug we all piled in the car and drove to the Grier's house.

                      Hayes Pov

        Will finally woke up and i couldn't be more happy. After the talk Zoe gave me I really thought about the last year and what has happened. In the past year i went to my first Magcon, I met the love of my life and i couldn't be more blessed. Am idea popped in my head. I walked up to Zoe and grabbed her hand walking her out the door. We walk over to the park and sit on the swing set. "Zoe i have been thinking about the past year and about what you told me and i realised that everything is perfect yea we have our ups and downs and sideways but all in all i couldn't ask for a better girlfriend. Partner in Crime, my other half, I'm so grateful i met you Zoe and I love you" I say taking her hand in mine. We swing there for a while before deciding to go back. When we walked in it was like shark week. I guess Mom and Will were at Dads, but Nash and Raevyn were yelling at each other. Like up in each others face and everything. I look over at Zoe as we slowly back out of the front door.

                     Raevyn's Pov

           Right now we were fighting because Alyssa called Nash. "WHY DO YOU CARE WE AREN'T EVEN GOING OUT" Nash yells breaking my heart. "You ended it so why do you care?" Nash asks. "Because...." "Because?" "BECAUSE I STILL LOVE YOU just because we stopped going out even though it was just this morning I'm  not gonna stop caring" I reply finally looking him in the eyes. His eyes didn't meet mine because he was looking at his phone. A few tears escape my eyes. "But i can tell you dont" I whisper walking out of his house and into mine. I cant believe he moved on so fast i thought before laying down and falling asleep.

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