Chapter 5

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                      *ZOE'S POV*

    As we were walking to Starbucks it started to get chilly. I put My hands on my arms and move them up and down to make myself warmer. "Here" Hayes says handing me his hoodie. "Thanks, but what about you now your gonna get cold" I say slipping on the hoodie. "I'm used to colder weather" he says smiling and taking my hand. His jacket smells fabulous. When we arrived at Starbucks Nash told all of us to go and sit outside on one of the tables and he'll order for us. We start to make our way to a table. We find one that has a perfect view of the beach. A few minutes later Nash comes out with our drinks. I snuggle up to Hayes and start drinking my frappe. He puts his arm around me and leans his head on mine.

                      *NASH'S POV*

   I see Raevyn looking out at the beach view as a tear escapes her eye. "Heyy what's wrong?" I whisper wiping away her tear trying not to get Zoe and Hayes to notice. "This is a dream come true" she says as a smile starts to form on her face. I pull her into me and whisper in her ear "Get used to it cause a lot more of your dreams are gonna start coming true I promise". She looks up at me and plants her lips on mine. "I love you Raevyn I don't care what anyone else says" I say leaning my forehead on hers. "I love you too" she says as she goes back into cuddling my side. This night couldn't have gotten any better.

                      *ZOE'S POV*

     I turn on my phone to see it was 11. "Heyy guys it's getting late and we have magcon tomorrow" I say. "Yea come on let's go" Nash says with sadness in his voice. Trust me I didn't want this night to end either. As we were walking, I glanced over at Hayes to see his eyes were glossy but a smile on his face. "It's ok I don't want this night to end either." I whisper in his ear and then plant a kiss on his cheek.

I see his glossy eyes starting to fade. When we arrived at our room It was time to say night. "Thanks for the best birthday ever be safe I just started to like the real you!" I say with a smile on my face. "Goodnight Zoe sweet dreams" Hayes says as he gives me a kiss on the cheek.

                    *RAEVYN'S POV*

  "Goodnight Raevyn be safe and have the sweetest dreams I love you goodnight beautiful" Nash says plantings a kiss on my lips. "goodnight" I reply giving him a hug. Me and Zoe go in our room and shut the door. "So tell me what's up with you and Hayes?? I ask Zoe. "Well while you and Nash were gone we just swam." she told me. "OK so what's up with you and..." she was interrupted by a knock on the door. I get up and open the door to be greeted by Nash and Hayes. "Can we maybe stay with y'all tonight?We forgot our key to our room" Nash asks. "Zoe is it OK if the griers to stay the night with us?" I ask Zoe already knowing the answer. "Yea" she replys back. "Come on in" I say as they walk into the room. "Y'all just wait out here while me and Zoe get dressed into pjs"I say as I pull Zoe into the room and shut the door. We both got dressed quickly not wanting to keep them waiting any longer. We walk out of the room to see them sitting on the couch watching tv. "Ok so the sleeping arrangements are gonna be me and Nash in the room and Zoe with Hayes out here is that ok? I ask. "Yea well goodnight guys" Nash says standing up taking my hand and walking me into the room shutting the door behind us.

                     *ZOE'S POV*

      I pull out the mattress from in the couch and me and Hayes both lay on it. "Goodnight Hayes" I say. I felt a pair of arms wrap around me, "Goodnight Zoe" he says. I fall asleep knowing that my biggest dream came true tonight.

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