chapter 29

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                      *Zoe's POV*

      It's been 2 weeks since Hayes left for tour and I have not been more lost. I feel like half of me isn't even here with me. I walk into school and to first period. "Ok class today we are" blah blah blah. I didn't care what she had to say honestly. It seemed like a year until it was finally lunch time. I walk into the Cafeteria and sat down next to Arielle my best friend. "Hey Zo" she says giving me a hug. "Hey" I say as enthusiastic as I could. "He's just on tour he'll come back" she says handing me a bag of chips. "Yea I just miss him" I reply. "You, Jordyn and Raevyn come over tonight". I nod my head and pull out my phone. To: Jordyn,Raevyn

  Hey guys walk to Ari's after school

I hit send and slip my phone back into my pocket. The bell rings. "Ok one more periodI think before getting up and walking to my last class before getting pushed up against a wall. My eyes meet with his. "Jake get off of me" I yell trying to push him away. "Baby Hayes is gone I'm here" he says trying to give me a kiss. "If you don't get the fuck off me I'll...." "You'll what" he says moving in closer. "Get away from her now" Someone yells from behind him. "Ari don't you'll get yourself hurt". Jake walks up to her and tries to push her when she goes all ninja on him. "You just don't get it" she says throwing him on the ground. We were about to walk to class when the bell rings. *Zoe gets a call* "hello?" "Zoe me and Jordyn are going to get clothes we'll meet y'all at Ari's house" I reply with a simple yes before hanging up.

                      *Raevyn's POV*

       "So Zoe bought it" I say putting my phone down. "We only have a few minutes so hurry" Jordyn says. I get out of her car and walk up to Shawn's door. Before I could even knock the door flies open. "Hey" he says hugging me. I hug him back and he invites me inside. "Shawn your a sweet and wonderful guy but I just don't like you in that way" I let out looking over at him. "Thank you times a million I mean don't get me wrong your awesome but I saw this girl a few days ago and man she just took my breath away" he replies. "So we're good? No hard feelings?" He nods giving me a hug. "Well I got to go I'm having a sleepover" I say walking out of his house back to Jordyn's car. "How'd it go?" She asks driving away. "Actually really well he had his eyes on someone else anyway" I reply. We soon arrive at Arielle's. "What took y'all so long?" Zoe asks. "We uh stopped by Starbucks?" It came out more like a question. She shakes her head and hands me a slice of pizza.

                      *Zoe's POV*

I hear my laptop start playing "She's looks so perfect" by 5SOS. "Guys its Hayes I'll be back!" I yell running to Ari's room shutting and locking the door behind me. I open my laptop and press answer. "Heyyyyy" I yell making the duck face. "Heyy whatcha doing?" He asks. "I'm over at Ari's we are having a slumber party" I reply taking another bite of my pizza. "Well I have some bad news....." He speaks quieter. "What is it?" I ask. "Remember when I said I would be back in a month well they wanted to expand it to 5 months" My mouth drops open. "You promised Hayes you would be back here in a month nothing more" . My eyes start to water. "But Zo you know how much this means to me". I shake my head. " Hayes what about us?" I ask him. "We can make it work I promise". I laugh. "Hayes I have had my fair share of long distance relationships it never works". He's silent. "You pick, us or going on tour?" He stays silent. "Hayes I fucking swear if you don't answer we are done" I yell. He gives me a "please don't look". I shake my head. "Well then you go on your little tour I hope it was worth it" I say shutting my laptop.


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