Life of the party

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              *Raevyns POV*

     Yesterday was amazing. After the event I spent the day with Shawn. Speaking of him he hasn't responded to my text. I shrug my shoulders and decided to get ready for school. I put on Shawn's hoodie he let me borrow and his beanie with a pair of jeans. I throw my bag over my shoulder and walk out of the house to Brent's car. "Hey Miss.Mendes" he says as I shut the door. "Shut up ok we are just friends" I reply. "That's not what twitter thinks". I look over at him in confusion. " Have you not been on twitter #Shaevyn is #1 trending". My eyes widen. I open twitter to see over 1 million tweets about #Shaevyn. I shake my head and shove my phone in my pocket. "Have a great day" Brent says as I get out of his truck. "You too" I reply shutting the door behind me. I walk into school and get crowded by hundreds of kids. I push through the crowd and run to first period. I walked to the front and took my seat. First period went by pretty quick so did 2,3,4 and 5. I walk into the cafeteria and sit down next to Jordyn and Carter. "Hey guys" I say taking my phone out. "So you and Shawn" Jordyn says. "We are just friends" I reply looking around for Zoe. "Hey guys have y'all seen Zoe?" I ask them. "Yea she's with Hayes until he goes on tour he leaves like right after school" Carter says.

               *Zoe's POV*

I am currently laying in hayes' bed wrapped in his arms. (It's 9:00am). Hayes was still asleep. I turn over and look at his peaceful face. I push some of his curls out of his face my fingers gently touching his forehead. He slowly opens his eyes and gives me a sleepy smile. I lean in and place my lips on his slowly moving in sync. He turns his head to the side deepening the kiss. I pull away and lean my forehead to his. "Your mom said we could stay home to spend time with each other" I say. "Yea I know I have the perfect day planned out" he replys. "What am I supposed to wear poobear?" He hated the nickname but loved it when I called him it. "I will give you what to wear" he says getting up from bed and grabbing a bag from his closet. He hands me the bag. "Open it". The first thing I take out is a gray crop top that says Hayes on it. I set it down next to me and grab a gray beanie that matches the shirt. I smile. The last thing I take out is a pair of sweat pants from Hayes clothing line in his merchandise. " You didn't have to get me these" I reply looking over at him. "I wanted to" he says. I smile and give him a hug. "Well I'm gonna go change" I say getting up and walking to the bathroom. When I walk out I'm greeted by a shirtless Hayes. "Zayum" I say looking at his abs. "Right back at you babe". I can feel my cheeks heat up. "You did that on purpose" I say hitting him with my shirt. He laughs and pulls me close to him. "So what's next?" I ask wrapping my arms around his neck. "You'll see meet me in the kitchen" he says giving me a small peck on the lips and closing the bathroom door. I walk into the kitchen and see cupcake mix. I feel a pair of arms wrap around me from behind. "I knew you like to cook" He says walking over to the counter next to the ingredients. I smile. "Yea I love to". And with that we start to make cupcakes. We put them in the oven and wait about 30 minutes and take them out. "So how do they taste?" I ask him. "Their ok". I punch his shoulder and start to walk away. "No they were awesome come on come back" I just keep on walking. "Oh that's how you wanna play" he says taking a cupcake and throwing it at me. Luckily he missed. "Don't mess up my new clothes!" I yell. "Oh I forgot sorry" he says putting his hand to his heart.  I couldn't help but laugh at him. "Hayes there's s-someone behind you" I yell joking. I didn't see if he turned around or not because I ran to go hide. I didn't get very far just up the stairs and into Hayes' room when he tackled me on his bed. "Ohh you got me now what?". He smiles. "This" and places his lips to mine. I bring my hands to the back of his neck and play with his curls tugging them lightly. He turns over and sits me on his lap not breaking the kiss. I smile against his lips. "Wow" Hayes says leaning His forehead against mine. "Hayes we only have one more hour" I say looking him in the eyes. "I know but we can get through this we are strong enough" he says intertwining our hands together. "I love you" he says kissing the top of my hand. "I love you more" I tell him. "I don't think that's possible" he replys kissing my nose. I was leaning in for another kiss when Hayes' phone goes off. "Umm hello?" I saw Hayes' smile fade. "Ok I'll be there in a few". He hangs up the phone and walks over and closes his suitcase. "Nash and my mom are on their way to pick me up" he says a tear falling down his cheek. I walk up to him and wipe away his tears that are falling. "It's ok remember" I whisper. He nods and wraps his arms around my waist. I stand their in his arms until we hear a honking horn. I pull away and walk with him out of the door. "Be safe and have fun" I say tears now falling uncontrollably. "Please don't cry it makes it harder" he says wiping my tears away. I nod my head and smash my lips against his. "Hey bud we have to go or we'll be late" Nash says rolling the window down. "I'll see you in a month I promise I love you" he says before getting in the car. As he drives away I mumble a simple "I love you too"


Anyways I hope you enjoyed it and to anyone else who decided to read thus far thank you I love all my little penguins ~Raevyn

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