Chapter 12

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                       *ZOE'S POV*

          I woke up in bed with Hayes' arm around me. I guess he carried me to the room After I fell asleep in the car. I roll over to face him. I missed this waking up next to him seeing his smile just him in general I missed. I lean over and place my lips on his. I soon start to feel him kiss back. I pulled away for air and he smiled. "What?" I ask laughing. "I missed your wake up calls" he says pulling me back over to him and kissing me again. I smile into the kiss and pull away. "Shouldn't we be waking up for magcon?" I ask. "Yea we actually should I'll wake up Raevyn and Nash why don't you go get ready" Hayes says getting up and walking over to their bed. I hop into the shower and wash up quickly. When I get out I put on some high waisted shorts and a pink crop shirt. I plug in my curling iron and curl my hair and do my make up. I slide on my flip flops and put my phone in my pocket. I walk out to see everyone sitting on the couch waiting for me. Hayes grabs my hand and we walk out to the limo. Once we arrive at the building magcon is being held at we walk get out and walk inside the first person I see is Cam. I know that I'm dating the Hayes Grier but come on its CAMERON DALLAS. We walk over and Hayes introduces me to him. "Cam this is Zoe my girlfriend." Hayes says as Cam shakes my hand. "I'm Came...." "Cameron Dallas I know" I say as he smiles. We walk backstage and sit down. I met the rest of the guys as we waited for magcon to start. "Heyy guys 5 minutes till it starts!" Bart yells. 5 minutes passed and it was time to go on stage, I was kinda nervous what if they don't like me? What if I get a bunch of hate?" I think as a hand grabbed mine. I look over to see Hayes. "They are going to love you don't worry" he says rubbing his thumb up and down on my hand. I smile as they call is up on stage. We walk out and everyone starts screaming. Me and Raevyn and the rest of the guys sat down while Shawn sang the Cameron Dallas song. After Shawn was Don we decided to let the fans ask some questions and we answer them. "First question lady up there in the green!" Cameron says into the microphone. "Uh yea are Nash and the girl standing next to him going out? cause I totally ship it!!!" she says/asks excitingly. "Yea we are and thank you so much!!!" Raevyn says into the microphone. "Ok next one is you in the Cameron Dallas hoodie!!" Aaron says. "How long have y'all been going out? and kiss right here!" she says as everybody ohh's. "We have been going out for about 5 and 1/2 months! and only if Raevyn is ok with it" Nash says looking over at Raevyn. She nods and they kiss as the crowd goes crazy. "Ok last one the girl in the blue Hayes grier shirt!!" Taylor says. "This is for Hayes, I can't believe you dumped me for this skank and I loved your kiss last night" she says as my eyes go wide. I look over at Hayes and shake my head and run off. I can't believe he did that to me and that girl. I ran to our hotel room and locked myself in the bathroom. I never thought I would ever go back to being this shallow but I couldn't take this not after what happened last time.

                     *flash back*

    I ran home finding out that my boyfriend James kissed another girl in front of me. I paced to my drawer and pulled out the blade. I made cuts on my thighs and on my wrists. Raevyn walks in and takes away the blade. "I thought I told you no more I better not ever see this again ok?" she says on the verge of crying.

                  *end of flashback*

        I pull out my blade and cut my wrists over and over. I hear someone call my name then everything goes black...

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