Chapter 14

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                      *ZOE'S POV*

         "ZOE HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAKE UP SIS" Raevyn yells while shaking me awake. Wait that was all a dream? Uggh!

I ran downstairs and saw a pile of pancakes. I grab two Sat down and ate them. "So here's my gift to you" Raevyn says handing me a small box. I open it and find an infinity bracelet that matches hers and a Starbucks gift card. "Thank you" I say putting the bracelet on. My mom smiles at me and hands me a huge box. I open it and find a Starbucks galaxy hoodie,twilight woods perfume and 2 tickets to Digifest. "Omg mom thank you thank you thank you!" I say hugging her. "Well you leave tomorrow morning at 5 so go get packing and Raevyn is taking you" she says but I'm too busy packing. when I was all done I put on my new galaxy hoodie and white Jean shorts with vans. "Hey Raevyn wanna go to Starbucks?" I ask her grabbing my gift card. She nods and we get up and walk out the door.When we got to Starbucks I paid for me and Raevyns drink then went and sat down. I was on my phone waiting when they called my name. We grabbed our drinks and started walking home. Once we got home I checked my phone and almost screamed. "RAEVYN LOOK AT THIS OMG" I say handing Raevyn my phone. I opted a picture of my digifest tickets and Hayes Grier commented can't wait to see you there. We both start jumping up and down. All day me and Raevyn just watched the Twilight Saga. Breaking Dawn part 2 just finished and I looked at my phone seeing it was 8:00. "Hey Rae I'm going to go to bed it's already 8:00" I say walking to my bedroom laying down in bed. I layed there thinking about digifest eventually sleep took over me. "Zoe wake up its 4:00 am we need to get to the airport by 5:00 am" Raevyn says dragging her suitcase down stairs. I get up and change into some high waisted shorts and an acdc t-shirt.I pull my suitcase downstairs to see Raevyn and my mom waiting for me. We load our stuff in the back and drive to the airport. We arrive at 4:40 so me and Raevyn go and get some Starbucks. When we got back they were calling to board our plane. "Bye love y'all have a great time!" my mom says walking away. We sit down in the airplane and wait for everyone else I plug in my earphones and fall asleep. I walk in and set my suitcase down. I got out my tickets and handed one to Raevyn. I grab my phone and we leave to go to digifest. When we get there we hand them our tickets and get our free tee shirts. The first line we went to was Cameron Dallas'. He signed my shirt and took some pictures with me. It pretty much was like that in Carter, and Nashs lines. last but not least was Hayes' line. When I got up to him He hugged me and signed my shirt. I took a picture with him and then we had to go. We walked back to our hotel room. We stayed and watched movies for an hour or two until I started to get hungry. "Raevyn want some pizza?" I ask her as I run next door. I asked for one large pizza. I paid then walked back to the hotel. I was fixing to open the door When someone knocks me over. Thankfully the pizza was ok. I got up and picked up the pizza box. "I'm sorry" he was looking at me. It was Hayes. "Wait your staying in this hotel?" I ask surprised. "Yea we made all our fans think we were staying in the one across the street" he said. "Oh well it was nice meeting you today" I say walking back into my hotel room. I sat down and started to eat some pizza until I heard a knock on the door.I get up to answer it but instead of finding a person I find a sticky note with a number on it saying "Sorry for crashing into you to make it up I was going to take you out to Starbucks tomorrow text me and I'll know that means a yes" I close the door and type the number in my phone. "Ok blue eyes" I text. I plug my phone in then laid down thinking of Hayes as sleep took over my body.

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